Peanut Butter Cake with Dark Chocolate Icing Recipe

chocolate and peanut butter cake

This Peanut Butter Cake with Dark Chocolate Icing Recipe may look a little unassuming, but don’t let it fool you. It’s one amazing decadent dessert! Crazy good is what it is. Randy said it was like crack cake (mom, that means he couldn’t stop eating it—we don’t do drugs). And he has a pretty picky palate to please when it comes to desserts. Crack cake. Yep. It’s kinda like that.

Easy Almond Joy Brownies Recipe

Almond Joy Brownies Recipe

Welcome my daughter, Hope! She’s sharing a brownie combo that’s she’s been making for a while. Tempting her mama with sweet goodness is not a good thing, y’all. But she does it well. This brownie recipe is quick and easy and can be made with a homemade brownie recipe or with a boxed brownie mix. Your… 

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Rerun : Easy Grape Salad Recipe

Grape Salad Recipe

This Grape Salad is pretty durn good. Fresh grapes, walnuts or pecans, a bit of brown sugar, cream cheese and yogurt come together to make a pretty addictive combination that is the perfect ending to a meal or a tasty afternoon snack. Plus, it can be lightened up with a few changes, if desired. Flavor, texture and options for making a lighter version? This salad has got it all!

30 Perfect 4th of July Recipes

4th of July Recipes

You’re in luck! I’ve gathered a list of 30 tasty 4th of July recipes that are really perfect for any summer celebration. All of the recipes listed below are easy to prepare for a large crowd, plus, (and this is a big plus) most of the preparation (with exception to the final grilling for some main dish items) for all of the recipes in the list below can be done ahead of time so you can enjoy the celebration too instead of being stuck in a hot kitchen. That wouldn’t be any fun at all, would it? So claim your independence from a hot kitchen and prep ahead for this 4th of July!

25 Perfect Mother’s Day Desserts

25 Perfect Mother's Day Desserts

No Mother’s Day celebration is complete without a splendiferous dessert, so I’ve gathered recipes to create a list of 25 Perfect Mother’s Day Desserts. Whether you’re looking for something in frozen form or covered in frosting, you’re sure to find something to pique your sweet tooth’s interest in this dessert list.

Easy Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

Easy Double Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

Anyway, these guys make a great pair for sure, and you will find that this Chocolate Biscotti dunked in a great cup of coffee is no exception. No bland biscotti here. No siree bobtail. It is quite the perfect biscotti. It is rich, and chocolatey, of course with the satisfying crunch that biscotti delivers. It just begs for a good cup of Joe. You’ll see.

Marshmallow Creme Filled Chocolate Dipped Sandwich Cookies

Marshmallow Creme Filled Chocolate Dipped Sandwich Cookies

The nice folks from Pillsbury invited me, along with several bloggers, to create some great new cookie recipes for the holidays. I took the opportunity to enlist our teenage daughter to help create these Marshmallow Creme Filled Chocolate Dipped Sandwich Cookies. They were easy and fun. Although they may look at little complicated, they’re quite simple. Really! The most difficult (if you can call it difficult) thing is planning extra time for chilling in between steps.

Oatmeal Pie

Oatmeal Pie

This week of pie recipes begins with an old-fashioned, yet new to me, Oatmeal Pie. I’ve had quite a hankering for a good oatmeal cookie for about a week now which made me wonder about making an oatmeal pie. I did a quick search for Oatmeal Pie, and of course it exists. What combination of food doesn’t?

Cream Scones Drizzled with Chocolate


One of the many recipes that I marked to try soon was Ree’s recipe for the Perfect Cream Scone. I’m not usually a scone fan, because I think they tend to be dry and crumbly, so I was happy to find this one slightly crispy on the outside with a soft, yet coffee-dunking worthy inside. I added a drizzling of melted chocolate to dress them up a bit.

4 Valentine’s Desserts


Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, here are four sweet treats that would make anyone swoon. All of these can be prepared a day or two ahead to help you focus your attention on your loved one’s on the big day instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

Mini Apple Pie Recipe and Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas


These Mini Apple Pies are such a fun twist on the regular apple pie. Made in muffin tins using a basic pie crust, filled with your favorite apple filling or apple crisp.