She Wears Many Hats


Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

Like you, I wear many hats, and live to tell about it.


I’m Amy and I began She Wears Many Hats in 2009 as a transition between being a stay-at-home mom and returning to a career. The whole thing was a hobby-turned-experiment that has grown into an amazing full-time gig.

She Wears Many Hats has changed a bit throughout the years. What began as a place for me to explore and share about my random hobbies and interests, has morphed into mostly sharing recipes — essentially a living, breathing, growing cookbook that is my absolute pleasure to share with you. The recipes here are simple, easy to prepare and nourishing for body and soul.

I must admit (because people tend to ask) I don’t actually wear a lot of actual hats in real life. I own many hats, but I don’t wear them daily, nor do I sell them. (Yes, I’ve been asked that too.) The name was my husband’s idea many years ago, playing on the universal truth that mothers are the ultimate multi-taskers. From chauffeurs to chefs, and everything in between, women really do wear many hats. My husband also recognized that the idea of these various hats reflects my love of always trying new things and learning something new, regardless of age.

Since She Wears Many Hats began, not only has this site changed, our family has gone through a number of transitions as well. From having kids at home, to college and graduations, throw in a big move and—BOOM—just like that we’ve become bona-fide empty-nesters.

Currently, my husband and I live in a small town in the mountains of Western North Carolina, surrounded by natural beauty and fabulous folks (not to mention folk music). While our children have grown and flown the coop, we find our lives are anything but empty. We really are enjoying this new phase of life together and the opportunity to explore new hobbies, the local music and art scene, and of course, food.

I do hope you find this little corner of the internet is a place to inspire, encourage and comfort you. Please feel welcome in your perusing, and thank you for stopping by for a visit. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send an email through my contact page


More about Amy and She Wears Many Hats:

She Wears Many Hats began in 2009 as a creative space to share the everyday and all the bits in between. As a former art director in advertising, Amy uses her creative background to write about and photograph a little bit of everything, including approachable recipes, backyard gardening, family travel, DIY and home improvement projects. Over the years Amy has worked closely on several coordinated campaigns representing nationwide products as a brand ambassador and/or photographer. Her work has been featured in many online publications as well as in print. To work with Amy, send an email through her contact page.