Rerun : Benne Wafer Cookies Recipe

benne wafer cookies recipe

Today I’m sharing another Rerun with you, in cookie form. The Benne Wafer Cookies Recipe that I posted way back in 2010 is an oldie but a goodie. A real sweet goodie. Benne Wafers are a traditional southern cookie made with toasted sesame seeds, otherwise known as benne. These cookies are nutty and sweet and oh so perfect! Try to eat just one. It’s not an easy thing.

Ham and Cheese Sliders Recipe

ham cheese sliders

Sliders are a terrifically simple and tasty way to feed a group. Most sliders can be prepped ahead and popped in the oven to warm, then kept there until ready to serve. These easy Ham and Cheese Sliders are certainly one of those recipes that will please your party. These mini ham and cheese sandwiches are quick and easy.

Peanut Butter Cake with Dark Chocolate Icing Recipe

chocolate and peanut butter cake

This Peanut Butter Cake with Dark Chocolate Icing Recipe may look a little unassuming, but don’t let it fool you. It’s one amazing decadent dessert! Crazy good is what it is. Randy said it was like crack cake (mom, that means he couldn’t stop eating it—we don’t do drugs). And he has a pretty picky palate to please when it comes to desserts. Crack cake. Yep. It’s kinda like that.

50+ Recipe Perfect for Tailgate Food

recipes for tailgating

Here’s a listing of over 50 recipes for the perfect tailgate food. Football season is back in swing and that means it’s time to start planning those tailgating parties. I do love a great tailgating menu. They’re typically no fuss. Nothing fancy. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring, tasteless food either. Tailgating… 

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How to get rid of moths the homemade way.

how to get rid of moths naturally

Do you have ever have those weeks that you’re all ready and set to tackle—to get er done, if you will? You have a plan of attack, enough sleep and energy to execute the attack—basically, you’re rearing to go. Then something happens to change all of that. It could be a cold, a flat tire, or say, a pantry full of moths. The later was my nemesis ruining all plans to a good productive start to this week. Ugh.

Family Weekend Getaways

family weekend getaway ideas

September is a great time of year to take a road trip for long weekend getaways in South Carolina and Georgia. It’s not as crowded as the summer months of June through August, the air temperature is more comfortable, and the ocean water temperature is still plenty warm for beach adventures. It thought I’d share a few reruns featuring a few places to visit if you’re looking for a weekend destination in this area.

Lemon Basil Garlic Butter Recipe

Lemon Basil Garlic Butter Recipe

This Lemon Basil Garlic Butter Recipe couldn’t be easier. For this compound butter fresh lemon zest, chopped basil and minced garlic are mixed with softened butter to create a flavorful packed combination that will make any biscuit better. The finished compound butter can be served right away or wrap tightly in wax paper and refrigerated for up to a week until ready to serve.

Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe

lemon ginger tea

This Lemon Ginger Tea can be served warm, sweetened to your preference with a little honey, or pour over a tall glass of crushed ice for a refreshing, crisp drink. Go ahead and stock up on more fresh ginger root and lemons. I think you’ll be making this again and again once you experience how easy and how satisfying it really is.

Care Package Ideas for College Students

college student care package ideas

If you have a college student you’d like to surprise here is a list of care package ideas to brighten their day. Well, our daughter is now happily settled in for her first year of college. It’s hard to believe. It hit me the day before yesterday when I was grocery shopping and instead of shopping for four, I was shopping for three. It was sad and weird. We couldn’t be more excited for her. She’s already begun to develop friendships and is fast friends will most of the other students on her floor. It’s such a relief for us, that’s for sure. But still … we miss her and worry about her and wonder if she has clean clothes or toothpaste. I’m still a mom, right?

Rerun : Rails to Trails The Virginia Creeper

biking the virginia creeper trail

If you’re looking for a fun-filled family outing or maybe you’re planning a group activity consider taking a trip to The Virginia Creeper, a 34 mile section of former train tracks turned into trails. It is part of the Rails to Trails Conservancy program across the United States. The Rails to Trails Conservancy is a non-profit organization that is creating a nationwide network of trails made out of former rail lines for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. The Virginia Creeper is a great destination for a day trip or make a weekend of it! The views are spectacular and there are plenty of spots along the way to take a pit stop to explore or chill out. There are even places on the trail to grab a bite to eat if you don’t want to pack your own.

Balsamic Beer Braised Pork Roast Recipe

pork roast recipe

After trying to many different pork BBQs over the years, he’s now kind of picky. He certainly has his favorites, but now (ahem) he has a new one: Balsamic Beer Braised Pork. I think I knocked his socks off with this one, y’all. And I’m telling ya, this recipe couldn’t be easier. We’ve tried all of the ways of cooking pork roasts over the years, some successful and worth the effort, while others were not so much, but this recipe for Balsamic Beer Braised Pork beats them all in my opinion. think our resident pork BBQ expert would agree.

Fried Pickles Recipe

fried pickles

It seems that just about every food known has been fried. Some successful. Others, not so much. Most fried foods I can take a bite or two and that’s enough, I can take it or leave it. but there are other fried foods, like mushrooms, onions, or these Fried Pickles have a flavor and texture combination that just seems right. And to take one bite or two isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Goodie Bag Giveaway

goodie bag giveaway

With school starting back for many out there with summer fun still mingling in for others, I thought it was the perfect time for a fun giveaway: A big-girl’s goodie bag filled with some pretty cool things that will make the car line more tolerable, soccer sidelines more special, or those last days poolside a bit more cozy. This tote of goodness will come in handy wherever you want to take it!

Beer Braised Chicken Recipe

braised chicken

This beer braised chicken checks all the boxes. The flavor is fantastic and it’s easy as can be. You might have enjoyed beer-can chicken before. That’s the one where a whole chicken is roasted on top of a beer can on the grill or in the oven. Beer braised chicken is the same general flavor profile but there are a couple advantages. First of all you can choose which chicken parts to cook instead of having to cook the whole thing. Secondly, beer roasted chicken is never dry. Yes, flavorful and juicy. And no, surprisingly it doesn’t have a strong beer flavor. This roasted chicken is well-seasoned and not dry. Really good. Really easy. A real winner.