Gift Ideas for the DIYer

Gift Ideas for the DIYer

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for the DIYer on your list, here’s a collection of to consider. The right tool always helps any skilled DIYer. You’ll find the prices range from stocking stuffers to big item gifts. I hope it helps you find something or trigger a thought for another gift for the DIYer in your life.

The Retreat Remodel No.1


I’m excited to begin a new series here on She Wears Many Hats dedicated to remodeling and all things DIY, called The Retreat Remodel. Recently we purchased a mountain getaway that we’re remodeling from top to bottom, side to side, inside, outside, and upside down.

Color My Powder Room — Part 2


Our Glidden room project is finished! Well, almost. I still have some pictures and artwork to hang, maybe add fun accent rug, and there’s one more piece of wainscoting we’re trying to hunt down, but the biggest part of the improvements are done.

Which glass is mine? Clever drinking glass markers.


I’ve found that the majority of what I’m loading and unloading are drinking glasses, and not because we’re consuming large amounts of liquid, but because no one can remember which glass is theirs, so they get another one, therefore a menagerie of drinking glasses can usually be found at our house. That is up until now. I think I’ve found the solution.

I found it on Pinterest.


Are you on Pinterest? I am. Sometimes maybe too much. It can be quite addicting. I’ll pop on there to find an idea for plantings for a new flower bed, then end up wanting to make paper flowers because, ya know, there may be sometime I need to know how to make paper flowers. (They’d make a cute centerpiece for Easter, wouldn’t they?)

The Best Window Cleaner ever … like ever.


Ever since moving into our home 5 years ago, we’ve battled trying to get the exterior of our windows clean. They just never looked crystal clear. There was always a filmy residue and often chalky streaks. We tried a variety of window cleaners from homemade to store bought concoctions, as well as using newspaper instead of paper towels with not much success. That all changed a few days ago when we learned of the best exterior window cleaner ever.

How to Make a DIY Chalkboard


A chalkboard, conveniently placed in the heart of the kitchen for everyone to access. I’m pretty handy with things, but I’m also blessed with my own handy man, Randy, who also serenades me with song, and can do a mean shadow puppet on the fly. Handy Randy took charge of this one for me. I told him what I was thinking as far as size goes, and that I wanted a simple chalkboard without a frame, nothing fancy.

Christmas Ideas Wrap-Up


To help with last minutes decorations, crafts with the kids, and a few other ideas, I’ve collected some links to older posts for some Christmas Ideas, as well as additional links to some of my friend’s creations. Be sure to check them out at the end of the post. Really good stuff there.

A homemade gift idea.


Can you believe the holidays are already upon us? Seriously, next week is November. Why does time fly? Why? Make it stop! Anyway, since we can’t make it stop, we need to get on with the planning of things. As far as the gift-giving part goes, I’m going to try to share ideas over the… 

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A last minute decorating idea for the holidays.


We have company coming into town tomorrow, so we’re sprucing up things here and there. As I was staring at my dining room table a moment ago trying to decide what I could throw together as a last minute centerpiece, I turned around to enjoy what is now one of my favorite Christmas decorations. The… 

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Create Your Own Masterpiece


A fun and easy way to Create Your Own Masterpiece. Years ago we had a big blank wall over our sofa. I searched high and low for that perfect something to hang there but never found anything I liked or felt I could justify the money on. Plus I really like to have things in our home that mean something or serve a purpose, instead of just finding something to match the couch.