Mr. Googly eyes see you! This silly and oh so easy Googly Eyes Pumpkin is a quick and easy decoration for the month of October.

easy pumpkin decorating ideas


If you’re on the hunt for fun and easy ways to decorate a pumpkin this year, here’s one super duper simple idea that even the kids could do on their own, that does not require any knives or sharp tools: Googly Eyes Pumpkin. Plus, I like that Mr. Googly Eyes is not scary, but silly. Silly is always a good change of pace, don’t you think?

This silly googly eyed pumpkin does not take very long to make at all, so if you want a whole village of them looking back at you they could be made and displayed in no time.

You’ll only need two supplies (maybe three).

  • Pumpkin(s): Real or artificial will work. Your choice.
  • Plastic Googly Eyes: I found an assortment of shaped and sizes of googly eyes at our local craft store. I also found some glow in the dark googly eyes that would be fun to use too! Some googly eyes come with an adhesive back, ready to stick on Mr. Pumpkin, otherwise they will need to be glued on. (Please be mindful with googly eyes around younger children as they can be a choking hazard.)
  • Optional, Glue: Craft glue or other adhesive that works on a variety of surfaces will be needed if you are using googly eyes that don’t have adhesive backing.

artificial pumpkin googly eyesfun pumpkins for halloween

The instructions are so minimal they hardly need to be stated. Stick (or glue) the googly eyes all over the pumpkin as you wish. That’s it. See? I told you it was easy. Cute and easy. Cute and easy and googly.

googly eyes pumpkin

From my googly eyes to yours’, I’m wishing you a very happy fall and happy decorating too!