Girls Night In Centerpiece

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A diy Girls Night In Centerpiece that is easy to make.

Girls Night In DIY Centerpiece

Girls’ Night In usually means chocolate and chick flicks, but these fabulous homemade Purse and Shoe centerpiece ideas are fun and easy to make (not to mention inspiration to whip up a batch of Eggplant Parmesan once the party is over). With summer practically upon us, fresh produce is better than ever and light healthy treats are not only tasty but more appetizing with warmer weather.

Need some inspiration? Click below to watch a purse and show come to life on the runway! Make sure to like and share it because the Marzetti® brand is donating to an awesome organization, Girls on the Run for every like or share (up to 5,000) of the stop-motion video. Girls on the Run is an after school program that encourages preteens to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running. My daughter was actually involved a few years ago and she loved it! It’s one of our favorite non-profit organizations that encourages healthy lifestyles for our girls.

Watch this how-to video from Marzetti to follow the easy step-by -step process to create your own eggplant purse centerpiece. You’ll quickly see how easy this adorable party table decor really is to make.

Girls Night In DIY Centerpiece

Here is what you will need: several eggplants, olives, fennel, watermelon, mint, toothpicks, wire, and any extras of your favorite veggies.

Start with the watermelon by cutting off the top, bottom and two sides so it will sit up and be the correct shape. Next, poke a toothpick into the side of the watermelon and stick an eggplant to it vertically, affixing the eggplant to the watermelon. Repeat all the way around the watermelon with the eggplants to hide the watermelon. Shape and cut the wire to look like a purse handle and make sure it fits correctly by sticking it in the watermelon before adding the olives. Next, thread black olives through the wire (in the hole where the black olives have been pitted) until the length of the handle has been covered. Stick the olive covered wire back into the watermelon and voila! A lovely produce purse. So cute and fashionable!

As for the high heels, first cut out an oval shape into the long side of the eggplant resembling the opening for one’s foot. Use a spoon or scoop to further hollow out this opening. Cut a fennel stalk to the right size to be the heel of the “shoe.” Next, use a toothpick to affix the fennel stalk to the eggplant. Then, cut off the bottom or sole of the shoe so it will sit up stably. Add a spring of mint for a little decor and there you go! You can even serve dip in these fun little produce shoes too along with cut up veggies or fruit. Pictured below is one of our favorite dips – Marzetti® Ranch Veggie Dip, but we also recommend their Southwest Ranch flavor! (Psst! Right now there’s a printable coupon for $1 off the Marzetti® Ranch Veggie Dip.)

Girls Night In DIY Centerpiece

A big thanks to the Marzetti® brand for the great diy table decor ideas for a Girls’ Night in! I hope this easy diy project will encourage you to gather your favorite gals for a Girls’ Night In real soon. Happy entertaining, y’all!

Girls Night In DIY Centerpiece