Gift Ideas for the DIYer

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for the DIYer on your list, here’s a collection of to consider. The right tool always helps any skilled DIYer. You’ll find the prices range from stocking stuffers to big item gifts. I hope it helps you find something or trigger a thought for another gift for the DIYer in your life.

And if you have any gift ideas to share, please do!

Gift Ideas for the DIYer

1) Pliers: A good set of pliers may not seem like a necessity, until you need one.

2) Sharpies: Who can’t use a Sharpie or three? They are a multi-purpose pen.

3) Staple Gun: There should be a holster for a Staple Gun and a Glue Gun. My staple gun has been well-used over the years. I’d hate to do without it.

4) Work Gloves: A thin but sturdy pair of work gloves is always nice to help grip and avoid splinters or other rough stuff.

5) Safety Glasses: Keep your eyeballs safe with a great pair of safety glasses. And some have handy dandy task lights too.

6) Jigsaw: A jigsaw can tackle so many unusual cuts, plus they’re kinda fun.

7) Tape Measure: A heavy duty tape measure is a gem of a tool.

8) Cordless Drill: A cordless drill is necessity in my DIY book. An extra battery pack is nice too.

9) Glue Gun: Glue Guns are not just for crafting. DIYers need glue too.

10) Tool Organizer/Caddy: Knowing where your tools are makes every project go much smoother.

11) Utility Knife: A great (and safe) utility knife is indispensable.

12) Scissors: Every tool box should contain a sturdy pair of scissors. There are things that need to be cut, man.

Happy shopping!