These easy painted pumpkins are so easy to make and a great way to add some color to your fall celebrations. This is the perfect activity for kid’s on a rainy day or plan a fun party with the girls.

Painted Pumpkins

Decorating pumpkins around this time of the year can be fun, but it doesn’t always have to involve cutting them open and dealing with all the messy guts. Although toasting salvaging the pumpkin seeds, and toasting them does make for a very tasty snack, but that’s another story altogether. So if you’re looking for a fun craft, or another way to decorate this year’s pumpkin without involving sharp objects, painting pumpkins may be just what you’re looking for. Either real or artificial pumpkins may be used for this project.

You’ll only need a few simple supplies to create a fun painted pumpkin.

Supplies for painting pumpkins:

  • pumpkin (real or artificial)
  • painter’s tape or stickers
  • acrylic paints (gold leaf paint or metallic paint, if a gold leaf look is desired, otherwise choose your favorite color)
  • paint brushes or foam brushes

Such a simple list of supplies, isn’t it?


For this simple gold painted pumpkin, I applied painter’s tape in a ring around the pumpkin and painted the gold below the line. Painter’s tape can be used to make all sorts of patterns: stripes, checkered, diagonal lines. Stickers and labels can be used to create different patterns as well. Round labels could be stuck all over the pumpkin to make a polka dotted pumpkin.

Painted pumpkin designs are endless! They’re only limited to your creativity. Have fun and make it uniquely yours this year with a painted pumpkin. Or better yet an assortment of painted pumpkins.

This would be a great craft project for kids on a rainy day. Spread out some newspapers and a variety of colored paints and brushes, and let them go at it!