How to Prevent Crabgrass and Other Annual Weeds

prevent crabgrass annual weeds

Weed seeds are just waiting for a little warmth so they can spring to life and ruin your yard enjoyment, and take over all of those pretty flowers and other plantings. But do not fear! We are not without weapons. You have probably heard of commercial crabgrass preventer or pre-emergent herbicide. If you are a lawn-involved sort of person and haven’t tried preventers, they might be worth a look.

Planning a Butterfly Garden


Do you have a butterfly garden or have you always wanted one? Our garden is fluttering with active butterflies right now. They seem to be on every flowering thing, adding not only more color to our yard, but movement too. They’re fun to watch as they flit from blossom to blossom. So relaxing too. And while not as busy as bees, butterflies do aid in pollinating so they’re not only pretty to watch but they’re helpful too.

Tips for Growing a Culinary Herb Garden


If you’ve never grown your own herbs, it’s something you should consider. There are a variety of herbs that are easy to grow and many that are well suited for growing in pots or planters, so whether you live on a large estate or a cozy apartment, as long as you have a sunny spot, there are herbs perfect for you to grow.

LL Bean Boots


In the market for some new boots? Back at Christmas I bought a pair of duck boots for myself. Back in college I had some but wore them completely out. Quack! I was looking for something that I could wear while gardening, stomping around in the rain or snow, and for the little bit of hunting I’m beginning to do. These Classic Bean Boots were perfect for me right out of the box.

A simple tip from a master gardener.


Not a ninja or anything. Though that would be pretty darn cool. Nope. It’s not that exciting. After months of class time, reading, volunteer hours, tests, and more reading, a couple of weeks ago I became an official Master Gardener here in South Carolina. Officially official. Although I don’t think the learning will ever end. There’s just so much to know. And for the record, I still have weeds out the whazoo. That’s official. There are weeds.

Lessons in Lemon Balm


Take Lemon Balm, for example. You would have thought I’d learned from planting mint to read a little bit more about the plants I choose for my garden spots. But no, I chose the leathery leafed lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), that closely resembled mint in so many ways, without a second thought as to what I may be adding to my vegetable and herb garden.

A new honey pot


    Last year began our journey into beekeeping. It was a year of learning, reading, and, truth be told, a little bit of stressing, but mostly, observing. We began with two hives. One remains, and they are very busy, eagerly collecting nectar and pollen for what we hope is a small batch, our first,… 

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Planning a Garden


Few things in life are quite as satisfying as planting something, and watching it sprout and grow. Plus with dirt on my hands, and the sun on my back I’ve found that gardening is the closest thing to free therapy around, not to mention the benefit of fresh vegetables, herbs, or flowers. A fresh tomato sandwich in the summertime is the perfect reward I say.

Redneck Rhododendron


Check out our Redneck Rhododendron, also known as False Daphne, or its Latin name, Daphniphyllum macropodum. It’s by far my favorite plant right now in the yard. I have to think it earned it’s common name from the red stems on new growth, and not from a Jeff Foxworthy routine.

A Recycled Garden Shed


On a recent trip to Linden Hill Gardens in Bucks County, PA, I fell head over heels for these garden sheds. The rustic buildings have such character and I think blend perfectly into a garden environment. We’ve been casually talking about building a garden shed for storage, as well as a place for potting, and other garden piddling things.

Growing Mint


Mint can hold it’s own in the culinary world, deservedly so. Who would want to do without mint juleps or mint chocolate chip ice cream. Not me. But it can be quite the booger, sending out runners underground to resurface yards away. Of all herbs in the garden, mint has got to be the hardiest, most prolific, aggressive overachiever of the bunch. It can be quite the pain. I can’t tell you how many feet of mint roots I’ve pulled up, probably only encouraging it to grow even more.

Purple Coneflower Echinacea


These Purple Coneflower, otherwise known as Echinacea, are popping up all over our yard. We originally planted them in just a few places, but they’ve happily reseeded in other spots. I think I’ll let them be. It’s fun to have a splash of color where you don’t expect it. And they’re not hurting anything or anyone.