This time of year, each morning I search the trees surrounding our home for that hint of a change in color indicating a spectacle is about to begin. But fall is like a big tease.

This sassafras seems to be most eager to let the party begin, along with a few dogwoods and sourwoods dotting the view. Vibrant reds and oranges shout for attention – a small prelude of what’s yet to come.

This little sassafras has been babied since discovering it a few years back covered in vines.

We cleaned it up and have enjoyed watching it grow a little more each year.

It introduces us to fall each year and in the spring pops back out with a frilly yellow wave.

So purty.

Sassafras, you’re nice to have around.

Yep, I like trees.

How about you? What’s your favorite fall foliage?

Waiting for the maples,