MarigoldsMarigolds (Tagetes), not to be confused with pot marigolds, or Calendula, are part of our vegetable garden this year. Marigolds are popular for their ability to deter pests, and varmit resistant properties. I’ve never been a big marigold fan, but after last year’s growing season full of pests, they’re a much welcomed addition.


We’re using them as companion plantings with a whole row between our tomatoes, as well in other clumps around the garden. I have high hopes they’ll help naturally control pests, and deter deer and rabbits from snack time. Plus adding some bright colors to the garden will be nice.


Marigolds are easy to grow in full sun, and like most kinds of well drained soil. There’s a variety of sizes and colors to choose from too. Be sure to check them out during your next trip to the garden center, especially if you have a buggy problem.

As always, refer to your USDA hardiness zone and/or consult your local gardening professional or agricultural extension for specific growing information for your area.

Do you have any natural pest control gardening tips to share? Please do!

Happy gardening!