On a recent trip to Linden Hill Gardens in Bucks County, PA, I fell head over heels for these garden sheds. The rustic buildings have such character and I think blend perfectly into a garden environment. We’ve been casually talking about building a garden shed for storage, as well as a place for potting, and other garden piddling things.

This one is my favorite.

It’s constructed of reclaimed wood, doors, and windows. Each side of the shed is different.

Each side with it’s own story.

Probably reclaimed from old homes or barns. The best form of recycling. Beyond cool.

I can imagine a similar one tucked quite nicely into our garden with vines and other plantings making it feel right at home. Of course since returning home my wheels have been turning on how to incorporate a similar shed into our landscaping. I’ve been working on persuading Randy how this would make a perfect fall/winter project (or my Christmas present).

We have a variety of salvage companies in our area. Should make for some fun shopping huh? Glad I have a truck. We’ll have to get a slab poured, and hire out for basic framing, but I think we’ll be able to handle the rest of the labor. I’ll keep you posted on the progress if it comes to fruition. I’m sure hoping it does.

Do you have any garden or landscaping plans in the works? It’s fun to hear what you have going on. There are so many creative peeps out there! Do share!