photo courtesy of Three Many Cooks

A week ago I returned from Big Summer Potluck 2011, a gathering of friends from the food blogging community. What I’ve usually found to follow most conferences or workshops is a bit of the blues, along with spinning in circles feeling “less than” compared to what everyone else is doing. Not to mention the 50+ things I always seem to learn that I’m not doing right or didn’t know about at all.


But Big Summer Potluck was different.


Big Summer Potluck wasn’t a conference or a even workshop. We listened to talented photographers and writers share how they use their gifts to capture life’s stories to share, and connect with others. We hung out with friends, old and new, listening and laughing and encouraging one another. There was no SEO, or optimizing, or analytics discussed. No business cards were passed about. We were able to just enjoy the company of each other. It felt like a family reunion with many cousins, some who I’d never met in person.

photo courtesy of Three Many Cooks

Yep, Big Summer Potluck was different.


After returning home, missing my friends set in a tad, but instead of a long list of things to tackle and get a move on, I found myself just thinking. Just being. And then thinking some more. I also found time to reach for my guitar, that I haven’t picked up in months, and learned something new. The next garden project plans were begun. A few chapters of a much neglected book were read.


And I breathed.


For me, Big Summer Potluck was the pause I needed to realize (once again) that my life is not my blog. My blog is just a way to share bits and pieces of my life, and what I learn from others like you. I don’t live to blog.


I’d say that’s pretty good stuff to get from a potluck, don’t you? Plus, I’ve got some pretty darn cool cousins y’all!


I encourage you to take some time this week to sit and think and breathe. Maybe learn a new song, or pick up that knitting project that’s gathering dust. It’ll be worth it and make you a better you for all the other people in your life. Promise.


Appreciation and hugs to Erika from The Ivory Hut, and Maggy, Sharon and Pam from Three Many Cooks, for planning such a great weekend for all of us cousins. Many thanks to the inspirational speakers, Penny de los Santos, Shauna Ahern, Pam Anderson and Justin Schwartz for sharing your experiences from the heart. It was a lovely weekend. Mwaaah!

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