She Wears Many Hats


ideas to combat winter doldrums

20 Simple Ways to Combat the Winter Doldrums

boxer dogs

Furry Friends

just keep swimming

Just Keep Swimming : Ramblings of a Dysfunctional Mom

3 Things favorite beers

3 Things : 3 Favorite Beers

Messy Drawers

Messy Drawers

Celebrating with a Thank You Giveaway

What my mom has taught me.

Some current favorite music.

Setting Goals for a New Year


The Wind in My Face

Up and Running: The New Red Faced Runners Site

Red Faced Runners 5K Challenge

On running …

Thankful to run.

The Perfect Light

Exercise Tunes

My favorite therapy.

Members Only

Big Summer Potluck 2011 Recap

A vacation mindset.

Thirteen Years

Scatter Brain

Time for a joke.

Student Driver

The perfect grocery store.