Henry, or Hank as we like to call him, turns thirteen tomorrow. A teenager. Where does the time go?

Those thirteen years have flown by.

Thirteen years I wouldn’t have wanted to live without this one.

Thirteen years of smiles…

and giggles…

and silly stuff.

Thirteen years of watching him grow from a cutie patootie little boy into a handsome young man.

Thirteen years of legos, trucks, cars, bikes, balls, lizards, frogs, bugs…

and all things boy.

Thirteen years of watching the wheels turn, and eagerly awaiting what pops out.

Thirteen years of fun.

Happy Birthday dear one.

Looking forward to watching what comes next for you in this wide, wide world.

We love, love, love ya Hank!

Check out the results of Hank’s creativity by watching his video entitled The Assassin. Look for it at the bottom of this post).