A vacation mindset.

The melancholy set in as we packed to return home from vacation. I was less than excited to go back to the everyday, other than my own bed, which, quite frankly, if I could pack along my bed and my pillows wherever we traversed, I’d entertain thoughts of a vagabond or nomadic lifestyle in a skinny minute.

Anywho … I pondered what was the exact thing about vacation, besides the total avoidance of daily responsibilities, cooking, cleaning or anything that required more than a few brain cells, that brought on the mournful state of leaving? What was the essence of vacation? The mindset of vacation if you will? Because if I could bottle that, pack it in our bags, take it home to don each day along with those yoga pants that make me feel freer than free, then I’d be mighty set. Mighty set indeed.

A vacation mindset.

As we enjoyed our last supper on the eve of departure we chatted briefly about it, tossing around a few thoughts. Was it meeting new and interesting people? Trying unique foods or a exciting activity? Was it simply taking time to sit down and read a book for fun away from all the distracting screens? We could certainly put those into action back at home. Maybe those touch on it. I don’t know. Maybe there’s something more basic right in front of our faces, so plain to see that we’re missing it each day?

A vacation mindset.

The next day, two hours away from home, during a pit stop at Chick Fil-A, my husband announced that we were going to return home, and live for the next year as if we were citizens of another country, experiencing things with eyes anew to the world around. A perpetual state of vacation of sorts. Imagine that for a second. Imagine if we woke up each day with a fresh perspective. We can easily get caught up in our routine, and routes, and melancholy ways that we forget there’s a different road to take to the grocery store, and people at that grocery store to meet and greet, even if just a simple “Howdy do?”

I’m game.

I’m challenging myself to live with that frame of mind, not necessarily a full-blown vacation mind you–someone has to do the laundry–but choose to take a fresh approach to the day, seek out the new and different. I may even stick a paper umbrella in my iced tea just ’cause. And to think the whole time I get to sleep in my own bed.

We compiled a list of a few ideas to help keep that vacation mindset throughout the year. 

How to have a vacation mindset all year:

– Try that exotic or new-to-you fruit or vegetable that you’ve been eyeing for a while.
– Talk to someone while checking out at the grocery store.
– Take up knitting.
– Read a book just for fun.
– Learn an instrument.
– Take the long way to the store.
– Get up early and watch the sun rise.
– Get up early and write a poem. A Haiku is short and simple.
– By a big hat and wear it shopping or gardening next time.
– Play some new music. It’s amazing what a little “O Sole Mio” will do for ya.
– Try out a new restaurant and order just dessert.
– Find a place outside to take a nap.
– Throw a frisbee.
– Explore the next town over, buy a postcard, and mail it to a friend.
– Learn a foreign language.
– Take dance classes.
– Watch a new TV show. (OCC is now a favorite I’m afraid.)
– Check out your town’s Visitors Center and find out what the visitor’s are finding out.
– And yes, toss a paper umbrella in your iced tea just ’cause.

Do you have any ideas too? It would be fun to hear them. Do share!