Recently, for a brief stint, my regular routine was detoured. I found myself out of whack in more ways than one. After a few days I realized that one major thing missing that was messing me up was that I hadn’t been listening to music daily like I usually do. Music is an integral part of our daily life around here. It can not only lift your spirits in an instant, but take you through a full range of emotions. Music can help us connect with others in ways plain spoken words just can’t. It can sooth a well worn soul, set a romantic mood, put a briskness in your step, and calm frazzled nerves.

Amazing how therapeutic music can be huh? I’m not sure I’d know what to do without the gift of music pouring through our home. The brief absence of it recently sure made me miss it a bunch.

I thought I’d take this time to share my current favorite artists, along with a couple of specific songs with you. I hope you check them out.

And will you please share your musical favorites as well? Purty please? It’s always fun to discover new artists.

A few recent musical favorites, in no particular order:

  1. Tedeschi Trucks Band (Midnight in Harlem, Come See About Me, Simple Things – really, all of their new album, Revelator)
  2. Amos Lee (Flower, Windows Are Rolled Down, Violin, Freedom)
  3. Patty Griffin (Heavenly Day, Let Him Fly, Move Up)
  4. Mumford and Sons (I recommend the entire album Sign No More in context, I do need to warn you about explicit lyrics in the tune Little Lion Man)
  5. New Grass Revival, always and forever (Good Woman’s Love, Angel Eyes, One More Love Song)
  6. The Avett Brothers (Paranoia in B Major, Slight Figure of Speech, And It Spread)
  7. Tony Rice (Shadows, Why You Been Gone So Long, A Song For Life)
  8. Ray LaMontagne (You Can Bring Me Flowers, Trouble, Repo Man, Beg Steal or Borrow)
  9. Railroad Earth (Too Much Information, Long Walk Home, Potter’s Field)
  10. Ivan & Alyosha (Living for Someone, Father’s Be Kind, I Was Born to Love Her)

Thanks for stopping by! Love ya bunches! xoxoxo