salsa garden

Garden planning time is here.

The past few years of gardening I’ve been a little over eager, literally biting off more that we can chew. Yes, I confess. I’ve had a little obsession with tomatoes.

So this year, we simplify.

I’m gonna call it a salsa garden. All the proper salsa players will be present. Of course there will be goodness other than salsa created with fresh from the garden produce. But fresh salsa is definitely one of the things we all enjoy during the summer. There will certainly be a share of sauces and pesto churned out as well. Can’t complain about that that I suppose.

There’ll be tomatillos, tomatoes…

salsa garden

A variety of peppers and onion…

salsa garden

As well as our regular herb garden, with thyme, oregano, cilantro, to name a few.

salsa garden

Looking forward to see the basil pop up from all these seeds.

Yes, a salsa garden.

It’s basic. It’s functional. It’s manageable. Which is exactly what I need right now.

Plus, to add to the to-do list, we officially begin our journey into beekeeping. We have boxes to prepare, books to read, bees to pick up.

My hope is to keep our bees alive, eat salsa, and next year, maybe even enjoy some honey.


So, this year, less is best. It’s a must to find the ever elusive balance we all seem to struggle with. And in the process we’ll have some darn good salsa.

What garden plans do have have for this year?