She Wears Many Hats

Category: Random Musings

What it is? Contest No. 9

Student Driver

The perfect grocery store.


There’s fungus among us.

A Different Perspective

What it is? No. 8 Reveal

What it is? Contest No.8

A Handy Dandy Photography Tip

A Newlin Barn

Sweetness and Spice

Festive Friday Fun

Watch out Hollywood…

Slocum Sings Beast of Burden

See Jake.

Some words mean more.

What it is? No. 7

Celebrating Hope

Slocum sings Prince

Tobias playing guitar

A roadside visit in the low country.


Picking Grapes

What it is? No. 6

What it is? No. 6


Slocum sings Willy

It’s NYC y’all.

Idle Hands

He only has eyes for me.