This little green friend has met me at my back door more than once this past week. I’m happy to see him still there. The bees have returned, life is bustling by, and it seems I need another reminder.

Whether I like it or not, I tend to get stuck in that cycle of getting caught up in the whirlwind of life. I forget to take the time to stop to think.

To pray.

To contemplate.

To back up and regroup.

It’s something we all need. When the bumps of life hit, some bigger than others, if we’re not in the habit of being regular and intentional with our time, those bumps can throw us for a loop. We may react inappropriately, or retreat if not emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Funny how I keep getting reminders and learning lessons from itty bitty insects when I’m surrounded by such big things.

Funny how that is.

How are you intentional with your time? What can you do differently to manage the whirlwind of life so you can have the time for prayer, introspection and spiritual health?