For Mother’s Day my family surprised me with a new camera strap from Capturing Couture. I don’t usually buy fancy things like this. My original camera strap was functioning perfectly well. But boy, does this one make me feel happy about picking up my camera.

I feel a little indulgent and spoiled. That was the point of the gift givers I suppose. It’s pretty cool.

I have to mention that my 14 year old daughter frequents Pretty Shiny Sparkly for fashion tips, and Kristina tipped her off to Capturing Couture as a great source for these fashionable camera straps. Thanks Kristina! (Can I send you a list of some other items I’ve been drooling over?)

This one is in the Orchid Bliss pattern. Love the blue. And it certainly feels much better on my shoulder than the other strap because it’s lined with a velvet padding of some sort.

Not only is the velvety lining soft and cushy, but it helps keep it from slipping off my shoulder much more than the strap that came with my camera.

I’m already looking at some of the other patterns for a fashion alternative. They really have a nice selection.

For more information, and to pick one out for your favorite photog, (they have them for the guys too!), check them out at Capturing Couture.

Do you have any new fashion finds to share?

(Capturing Couture didn’t pay me or compensate me in any way for mentioning them in this post. I just feel so cool with their camera strap on my shoulder and thought you would too.)