Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Coffee is a warm beverage any Leprechaun or any regular sized person of legal drinking age would love to cozy up to.

Classic Irish Coffee Recipe

What is Irish Coffee, you ask? Is it green? Does it taste like peppermint? Nope. Irish Coffee is black coffee with a wee bit of whiskey, that’s what it is. More specifically it’s a slightly sweetened black coffee with a wee bit of whiskey topped with heavy cream, which makes Irish Coffee the perfect after dinner beverage to enjoy with dessert. Or perhaps a mug or two après ski? It will certainly warm you up.

Irish Coffee is simple enough to make and even easier to drink (if you’re legal drinking age, of course). When preparing an Irish Coffee, the idea is to carefully float the heavy cream (or fresh whipped cream) on top of the hot coffee and then sip the coffee through the cream. It’s delicious and an excellent beverage to enjoy with a simple dessert like pound cake, buttery shortbread, or coffee cake, just to name a few.

Irish Coffee Recipe

A few desserts to enjoy with your Irish Coffee:

Irish Coffee Recipe
Prep time
Total time
A classic and simple recipe for Irish Coffee.
Recipe type: beverages
Serves: 1
  • 4 ounces hot black coffee
  • 1½ teaspoons brown sugar (if needed, granulated sugar or coconut sugar may be substituted)
  • 1½ ounces Irish Whiskey
  • fresh heavy cream or whipped cream
  1. Combine coffee, sugar, whiskey. Gently pour over the back of a spoon enough cream to fill the glass or if whipped cream is preferred add a dollop (or two) of fresh whipped cream.

 Remember to always drink responsibly.