Malted Buttercream Chocolate Frosting Recipe

A great chocolate frosting recipe is always a good thing to know how to make, and this one for a Malted Chocolate Buttercream is no exception.

Malted Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

A couple of years ago I made this buttercream frosting to top off a Yellow Butter Cake as a surprise for our kids during the last month of school. It was a big hit! Cake is not something we have all the time, but once in a while for a special occasion it sure is nice to take the time to make a cake from scratch, topped with a delicious homemade buttercream.

The simple addition of malted milk to this chocolate buttercream adds a certain flavor that’s hard to explain if you’ve never had malted milk. It’s a subtle kind of sweetness, and a nice partner for chocolate.

Malted Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting Malted Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

This Malted Chocolate Buttercream would be a great addition to any cake flavor, but I do like it paired with the simplicity of a Yellow Butter Cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is the ultimate classic cake to me.

I hope you enjoy this delicious treat, y’all! I’d love to hear how you use this buttercream. Stop back by and share how your creations turned out.

Malted Buttercream Chocolate Frosting Recipe
A super delicious buttercream that will compliment many cakes.
  • ½ cup butter, softened
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups powdered sugar (confectioners sugar)
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • ½ cup malted milk powder
  • 7 tablespoons milk
  • Optional: if using unsalted butter, add a pinch or two of salt to taste
  1. In a mixer, beat butter and vanilla extract together until smooth.
  2. Add in powdered sugar, cocoa powder, malted milk powder, lightly mix.
  3. Gradually add in milk, one tablespoon at at time until smooth. Add more milk if needed.
  4. Optional: Add a pinch or two of salt to taste if using unsalted butter.

Malted Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

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  1. 7

    Nancy A. says

    Is it chocolate or vanilla malted milk powder? Really want to make this, looks so delicious!

      • 9

        Nancy A. says

        Thank you! I thought that was the one to use after I thought about it. Since you add cocoa powder, it seems like the regular would be the one to use. Just wasn’t thinking there! Think I will make it today. Sounds so yummy, my daughter and I may be eating it with spoons!!!

  2. 10

    Paula – bell’alimento says

    Oh, this looks like heaven! I would have a very hard time not just eating the frosting and forgetting to but it on the cake!

  3. 12

    Kathy - Panini Happy says

    You’ve made my all time favorite cake — yellow with chocolate frosting! I can’t look away. :-)

  4. 13

    Kim Beaulieu says

    Amy I swear I want to run right into the kitchen and make this, but it’s 2 am. This is gorgeous.

  5. 14

    Heather Levine says

    I made a different yellow cake and made this icing. The icing is delicious! I am not a fan of traditional chocolate buttercream because it’s, well, too buttery? I like that this just had one stick of butter(I used salted, as always).shiny and satiny. I will use this for many other cakes, not just the ones I top with Whoppers. 😉 Thank you!

  6. 16

    Ileana Keltz says

    I just made it tonight for my birthday tomorrow! How did you get your cakes to come out so perfectly level?

  7. 17

    Arlette Smith says

    THANK YOU!! I really wanted a malted chocolate icing for my son’s birthday and this is amazing! I looked at several that had many other ingredients and settled on this one…realized I was out of milk after 9 pm, but luckily found some dry milk mix. Worked perfect.

  8. 18

    Gabriella says

    This cake is amazingly simple and the recipe is so easy to follow. As of right now I’m waiting for my cake to cool so that I can properly frost it. I love the chocolate malt flavor in the frosting; it reminds me of the Gifford’s Chocolate Malts that I used to get as a child. Yum!!! I can’t wait for my other half to get home from work so that we can celebrate his birthday and dig into this wonderful cake :)

    Quick Tip for anyone who would like to make the frosting :


    Is what I used for the ” Malted Milk ” , it can be found in the baking aisle or with all the other flavored milk mixes.

  9. 20

    dorelle andersen says

    what brand of malted milk powder did you use hard to find where I live

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