Cherry Limeade Recipe

Homemade Cherry Limeade All things lime seem to have taken over my taste buds, especially lately. Let’s see, there’s been lime sherbet, lime cookies, lime cupcakes, and grapefruit and lime cake. And I never, well, hardly ever, go to Sonic, but when I do, the lime slush is what I want. It’s what I need.

Then, just last week, a sudden craving for a cherry limeade took hold of me. Yep, Sonic has those too, but I wanted a real homemade version, one that I could feel ever so slightly better about because I’d know what was in it. A cherry limeade that would make angels sing. A cherry limeade that would bring worldwide peace.

Yeah, that’s a lot to ask of a beverage, but you never know.

So I pulled out the needed ingredients and set about to meet the challenge my taste buds had set before me. I thought it would take a few versions to perfect, but sometimes things are just meant to be. The first version, right off the bat, was exactly what I was craving. A sweet combination of lime and cherry, with a little fizz, and no artificial flavors or colorings.

Not sure if angels sang, but my taste buds sure did. And I’ve got a call into the United Nations about putting this on their regular meeting menu. You can’t be drinking this cherry limeade and have anger spew from your mouth. It’s impossible. I may be on to something here. You try it, and see what I mean.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started: sugar, water, limes, pure cherry juice (no sweeteners added), and club soda.

Begin by dissolving the sugar in the water over medium heat to create a simple syrup.

Set the simple syrup aside when done to let cool completely.

While the syrup is cooling, juice the limes.

My sister gave me this juicer a few years ago for my birthday. It’s so fun to use, but some basic squeezing will work just fine. Just make sure to remove any seeds.

When the simple syrup has cooled, pour it in a pitcher.

Next, in goes the lime juice.

Then add the cherry juice.

Or the cherry juice, then the lime juice. Or the cherry juice and the lime juice at the same time. Or a little of the cherry, a little of the lime, a little more of the cherry, and the rest of the lime.

When you’ve figured out your lime juice/cherry juice approach, finish it off with the club soda.

If you’re not going to be serving for some time, wait to add the club soda until then.

Stir all together to combine well and you’re ready to serve.

I filled a glass halfway with crushed iced, added a slice of lime…

And poured the cherry limeade over. Yum!

A slushie version made in a blender with ice would be good too. That would be mighty nice! I may try that with the next batch. No, I will try that with the next batch. Definitely. Homemade Cherry Limeade

Cherry Limeade
Serves: Makes about 4-6 servings.
  • ⅔ cup sugar
  • ⅔ cup water
  • ½ cup lime juice (approximately 4½ limes; use the remainder of limes for garnish)
  • 1½ cups pure cherry juice (no sweeteners added)
  • 2 cups club soda
  1. Begin by dissolving the sugar in the water over medium heat to create a simple syrup. Set aside when done to let cool completely.
  2. While the simple syrup is cooling, juice the limes.
  3. When the simple syrup has cooled pour that in a pitcher, add the lime juice, cherry juice and club soda. (Do not add the club soda until ready to serve.)
  4. Stir all together to combine well and serve immediately over crushed ice or cover and refrigerate.


  1. 1


    That looks so delicious and refreshing – an I love that juicer!
    I have a “cocktail” version that I love to drink. Mmmmm!

  2. 2

    Miss Wisabus says

    Yum-yum! I’m going to have to try this soon.

    And it reminds me to ask my grandmother a question. My great-grandfather owned a grocery store with a soda shop from 1929 to the late 80s. I know they made these and I need to find out what their recipe was!

  3. 9


    never made anything simmiliar to this but sounds great and I think when my mom comes for visit I may just make this for her

  4. 11 says

    I’ve never had cherry limeade but that looks and sounds amazing. I’m totally into anything lime or citrusy right now :)

  5. 13


    Cherry lime slushie! Amazing. I think I need to make lemonade soon… or limeade! 😀


    PS: Your juicer is badass.

  6. 17

    cbp says

    I’m addicted to Sonic’s Cherry Limeade but know this version will taste even better! I just spent the week with my g-kids in St.Louis where my 7 year old g-daughter taught me to make Pink Lemonade from scratch using lemons and cranberry juice and simple syrup. She sent me home with her special recipe copied in her very own handwriting. I think I’m going to frame it. Can’t wait to share your recipe with her!

  7. 19


    A fave restaurant in my neighborhood makes an awesome sour cherry limeade. I order it every time I go there. Now, you’ve saved me money by showing me how easy it is to make at home. 😉

  8. 21

    Benjamin Frear says

    This is incredible! Just yesterday, I commented that I wanted to make limeade (with club soda I might add) and today you post a recipe for it!

    I’m pretty sure that means your psychic or that the stars are aligned or something. At any rate, I plan to be consuming limeade shortly.

  9. 22

    the country cook @ Delightful Country Cookin' says

    cherry limeade truly is a drink to bring about world peace. I used to love getting those from Sonic as a kid.

  10. 24

    Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen says

    Yowza! Your play-by-play photos are beautiful! I made some watermelon limeade a while back and a ton of people were bragging to me about how amazing Sonic’s cherry limeade is. Since I live no where near a Sonic, making this is definitely in order. Pretty!

  11. 25

    SMITH BITES says

    totally love cherry ANYTHING including this limeade! and a slushie would be pretty terrific!

  12. 27

    Tickled Red says

    Oh my! That looks refreshing and yummy :) Looks like I have found my new “Just Chillin'” drink.

  13. 29


    Oh, wow, I could have used a tall glass of this after working in the garden last weekend! How refreshing. And very sonic-like as well. My fav from Sonic is the strawberry-lemonade but this cherry-lime looks mighty fine.

  14. 33

    Ali (Three Baking Sheets) says

    Oh my. Your pictures are INCREDIBLE. Even the shape of your ice cubes look cool.

  15. 39

    Tasha says

    Made this for a family bbq it was a great hit! I had to go to 3 stores before finding pure cherry juice at Trader Joes. Thanks.

  16. 42



    there are hardly any sonics around here (travesty!) so I have had to learn to pave my path minus cherry-limeades…but now…now! my life will finally be complete once again. These look delicious and with a side of tater tots i can guarantee you the angels will sing 😉

  17. 43

    Abby says

    That looks amazing!! It’s just starting to get ridiculously hot here in Las Vegas. Thanks so much for this recipe!

  18. 44

    Caitie brennan says

    I used to work at sonic, all a limeade is is cherry sprite or 7 up with about 3 limes squeezed into it. Boring, I know. We had cherry syrup we squirted into it. Maybe try those packets you’re supposed to put in bottles of water for an easier version.

  19. 45


    I’m pregnant and so I’ve had to be creative with fun drinks since I can’t have a cocktail everyday. This sounds amazing. And I know that there are people at the local farmers market selling fresh cherry juice. Putting this one on the list to try in the next few weeks!

  20. 46

    Donnell says

    My husband made this for me yesterday using your recipe. It was wonderful. Thank you!

  21. 47


    This is right up my alley! I love refreshing drinks like this, and it’s so great to know what’s actually in them. Fabulous!

  22. 48

    sophistimom says

    This looks delicious. I used to make limeade for my family when we lived in Hawaii. Then I would cut open a cherry and mix the juice of the cherry with a little sugar. I’d use the cherry to rub around the rim of the glass, and then we’d have limeade with cherry sugar rimmed glasses. Your gorgeous post brought back memories.

  23. 49

    AmyRuth says

    Wow, Amy, you have a “big girl” juicer there. That sounds delicious. I’m outside working on my favorite foods and that sounds perfect!!!

  24. 50


    I’m drooling just reading your recipe! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe…I have gone to Sonic several years just for that Cherry Limeade. I’ll give this one a try :)

  25. 51

    Christine says

    Just made this with fresh limes from our backyard, and it’s delish!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  26. 53

    Noah says

    Sonic cherry limeade 20 oz cup
    1 0z minute maid cherry concentrate
    2 1/4 lime wedges squeezed
    cup 1/2 full ice
    sprite filled to top of cup and a cherry on top.

  27. 55

    Erika says

    Would it be possible to find out the maker or model of that juicer? I would love to have one of those for making lemonade and fresh squeezed orange juice. I have an attachment for my food processor, but like the idea of a manual one.

    • 56


      Hey Erika,

      Gosh, my sister gave it to me for my birthday years ago. I have no idea where she found it. Maybe google juicer press?

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