Easy Cheesy Pesto Tortellini Recipe

In a rush and need a quick go-to for dinner tonight? Or a last minute dish to take to a party? This Easy Cheese Pesto Tortellini recipe is just the ticket when time is of the essence. And there is no flavor lost in the quickness of preparation with this recipe.

Cheesy Pesto Tortellini Recipe

Using store-bought tortellini, this dish can be made and ready to impress quickly. Or better yet, prepare it the night before and finish baking it just before serving. It’s just way too easy to not have on the weekly menu rotation. And what’s even better is that all the ingredients can be kept stocked and ready to go so you’re never without a dinner idea. Plus if you’re prepping ahead, double or triple the batch, then divvy up and package to freeze for sharing later with a new neighbor, or brand new parents, or for last-minute holiday entertaining….

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Chalkboard Pumpkin

DIY Chalkboard Pumpkin

This Chalkboard Pumpkin is a fun way to add a friendly message to your fall decor. It’s so very easy to make too. Really. A couple of simple supplies ...

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sweet potato recipes

50+ Sweet Potato Recipes

A variety of over 50 Sweet Potato Recipes from sweet to savory found here and around the internet. Sweet potatoes are such a versatile food. ...

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Easy DIY Painted Pumpkins

These easy painted pumpkins are so easy to make and a great way to add some color to your fall celebrations. This is the perfect activity for kid's ...

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Family Weekend Getaways

September is a great time of year to take a road trip for long weekend getaways in South Carolina and Georgia. It’s not as crowded as the summer ...

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Fall Travel and Exploring

Fall is beginning to show in all it's glory all around here in the Carolinas and surrounding areas. We enjoy weekend day trips during this time of the ...

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