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Beef Bourguignon Recipe |

Beef Bourguignon Recipe

When it comes to recipes, not many measure up more to being called a “classic” as Beef Bourguignon does. A big thanks goes to the Burgundy region in France for this flavorful beef stew,...

Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate in mugs

Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate Recipe

Today I’m sharing a recipe for Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate Recipe. I’ve been making hot chocolate this way for a while now and cannot believe how incredible it tastes especially for being a lower calorie and fat version....

Easy Stew Beef and Rice Recipe |

Easy Stew Beef and Rice Recipe

This Stew Beef and Rice is just what my lumberjack husband ordered. Plus, is there any other dish that screams comfort food so loudly? A few perhaps, but not many. Just the aroma of...

This Thai-inspired Coconut Chicken Soup Recipe makes a wonderful bowl of soup with the flavor combination of ginger, lemongrass, coconut milk and a bit of spice.

Coconut Chicken Soup Recipe

If you’ve never had it before, Coconut Chicken Soup is a flavorful soup made with a chicken stock and coconut milk base, along with ginger, lemon grass, a bit of pepper, sometimes mushrooms, and...