Meet Sticky. Sticky’s a lizard that my son, Hank, found a few weeks back. He’s been staying with us for a while until today when he was returned to his woodland home out back.


Before going, Sticky posed shortly for a photo shoot on my son’s sweatshirt. (Like the dog hair?) Now we’ll always have these portraits to remember his green scaly self by.


Sticky’s brilliant green against the vibrant red reminded me of a book our friends, The Lanford’s, gave us for Christmas in 2000 called The Christmas Lizard.


The book has since become a favorite that we read aloud this time every year – even though my kids are now 11 and 14. It’s about a little lizard, called Oscar who escapes from his cage one night only to discover the family Christmas tree. Isn’t he cute?


As he climbs the tree he meets many new friends; elves, a nutcracker, a bird and an angel to name a few. The lizard is curious as to what Christmas is all about.


Each new friend has his own point of view but in the end he finds the real reason for all of the celebration. A baby.


It’s a sweet book with great illustrations full of color and ample opportunity to exercise those Russian nutcracker voices you’ve all been practicing. You can include The Christmas Lizard in your yearly traditions. And it would make a great Christmas gift for a young family of lizard lovers. You’ll find more information on how to purchase the book here.

Do you have any favorite Christmas books? Or is there a favorite Christmas tradition you can share?