Last week we took off on a little day trip to see the gingerbread display at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Each year The Grove Park Inn hosts The National Gingerbread Competition and since we live only a little over an hour away we’ve been able to enjoy the toils of others creativity a few times over the years.

(Since a ton of pictures were taken that day, a separate gingerbread post will follow in a few days, so watch for it. There were some amazing creations to be sure.)


The Grove Park Inn itself is a gem indeed. Situated on a hillside overlooking scenic grounds and the Pisgah Mountains in the distance, The Grove Park Inn has long been a haven for many seeking respite. Currently the inn is undergoing renovations on the exterior but you would never know from the calm and relaxed atmosphere inside the inn.


In 1912, Mr. Edwin Grove, who made his fortune from Grove’s Chill Tonic (an elixir for helping to control chills in malaria patients), hired 400 men to begin construction on the famous inn. After 11 months and 27 days, and hundreds of tons of large stones and boulders lugged from nearby quarries, The Grove Park Inn opened it’s doors to welcome the first guests.

Those seeking solitude flocked to The Grove Park Inn. Albert Einstein, Helen Keller and F. Scott Fitzgerald were some of the early guests to rest their heads at the inn. In the halls of inn you’ll find portraits of many other famous guests that have also visited.


Margaret Mitchell was one of those famous guests. She spent her honeymoon at The Grove Park Inn in 1922. Do you know what she’s famous for? She wrote Gone With the Wind which was first published in 1936. grovepark6And what of this particular guest? Somehow I don’t see him chillin’ by a fire.


Speaking of fires, the lobby is flanked by two large fireplaces, one which offers a cozy place to stop and rock a bit.


The other fireplace is perfect for picture taking during the Christmas season. There’s my son, Hank, on the left and his friend Tyler. Hey boys!


As we meandered through the inn to view the gingerbread creations we were able to enjoy The Grove Park Inn’s Christmas trees displays and other seasonal decor.


There were trees in every color combination and many different themes.


(I just love Christmas tree bokeh. It’s so purty.)


One is sure to be your favorite.

The Grove Park Inn boasts a full service spa that is ranked among the best in the world in some circles. Here’s a view of it from above. Much of it is underground – a really cool space. Be sure to check out their full list of offerings.


Fine dining, golf and a sports complex are also available at the resort. You’ll find everything you need to know about The Grove Park Inn here. And if you’re ever in the Asheville, NC area, especially during the Christmas season, stop by and take a peek at The Grove Park Inn. Maybe you’ll find the need stay a while.

Do you have a favorite place to visit during the Christmas season? A day trip you can share?