My daughter is a new student driver. It’s all quite unsettling for me. She’s a good sport about it all, but I can only handle it in small amounts, on a weekend, on a back road with little traffic, with no intersections, and no large curves.

It seems like only yesterday, as a child, learning how to drive in an old pickup truck out in the middle of a field, sitting on a stack of pillows. So how can I have a teenage daughter learning how to drive a real car, on the real road, with real traffic? It’s just not right. It all seems so sudden.

But this…

This kind of student driving…

This could be the ticket.

Student Driver

I’m all about this.

Just couldn’t find a number anywhere on it to look into renting one of these getups.

Perfect I say.

If you know of a number to call, hook me up please.

; )