Let’s take a moment to discuss how three is not in fact a crowd, but excellent company. Conversation between three flows well but isn’t excluding, no one has to ride in the awkward third backseat, and there’s a certain symmetry in group pictures. Small round tables for two can always fit one more chair, and rectangular tables for four have nice extra room for your purses. In conclusion, three is excellent company.

Square Up with Square App

However, for those of us that don’t carry exact change all the time, paying for things three ways can get a little complicated. Splitting the check, taxi fare, group tickets, or gas money becomes the mathematic equation and monetary exchange of the century.

Square Cash App

That’s one reason why the Square Cash App is one of my favorite new tools from the App Store. Square Cash allows you to send and receive money from your account to others at no cost. It’s super simple and quick to use, down to the last cent. Essentially, exact change has never been so easy.

For example, let’s suppose our lovely party of three drives through for a quick coffee. Most establishments won’t take more than two separate orders for one vehicle, so do you have exactly $5.42 for every latte stop on the road trip? Just Square Cash whoever is closest to the barista and avoid awkward side glances about who is going to buy the next round.

Bottom line, the handy Square Cash app is perfect for parties of 2 to 25. After you’ve set up an account (with your bank or credit card information), simply enter the amount you want to pay your friend/brother/colleague down to the cent and it deposits the money directly to their account. You can link this account to your bank or credit card and cash out straight through the app. So quick and easy!

Square Up with Square App

No wonder this is one of our family’s favorite new apps. We’ve already gotten a lot of use out of it. Just the other day my kids split a pizza and didn’t end up bickering about who should have to buy the junk food next time. They were able to square up right on the spot before the first slice was devoured.

Square Up with Square App

Features include extra security passcode, an auto cash out, and the ability to find your friends on the app through your contacts. You can also use Apple Pay through Square Cash!

All in all, Square Cash is your new favorite tool that fits in your pocket, perfect for traveling, dining, and entertainment with friends.

Once you’ve downloaded the Square Cash App, you can send your friends an invite to make an account too, then each time one of them sends $50 or more each of you will receive $10 from Square Cash. Pretty cool!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Square, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.