Herein lies the remains of a pet fish.

While he lived with no name, we now call him…


Before Larry (aka Licky) there were fish. And this particular fish we’re remembering today was a good fish. He was a sucker fish, purchased over 3 years ago, along with some fishy friends, for my son’s birthday. After many molly’s, tetras, guppies, and a spattering of others, the sucker fish pushed on, living his life in solitary.

We couldn’t bear to euthanize him. So we waited, and waited, and waited some more – long after the tank had already been promised to Larry.

Late last fall the sucker fish sucked his last suck and went to little fishy heaven. He was buried on the edge of the garden. No eulogy. No markers. A pretty uneventful ending for the last survivor of the fish phase. What is proper sucker fish remembrance protocol anyway?

“Be there some manner of rite or incantation?”
(Any movie buffs out there?)

Then a couple of weeks ago this cross showed up. I first thought it was creative art for the garden. Since I wasn’t present for the burial, I had no idea that this was actually the marker for the sucker.

The sucker marker.

Apparently my son, prompted by the tugging of his heart strings for the old suck, went about in crafting this cross out of cedar and leftover electrical wire to consecrate this space for the sucker.

Now that he’s properly been laid to rest, we can now all go on remembering how he was the best little sucker ever.

He was a fighter.

A survivor.

Until he wasn’t.

(Before sending me hate mail regarding animal rights, please know that we love all of our pets and look after each and every one of them with all the care and compassion due to any creature of God. The sucker lived a good life. He fought a good fight. The end.)