I’ve mentioned to you before that I like junkin.’ Whether it’s a garage sale, thrift store, antique shop – you name it, I’m there. And every now and then you find a treasure that was just meant for you. Here’s one of those…

About two years ago I bought this curved rocker at a garage sale in Charleston, S.C. for about $90. It reminded me of a rocker my grandmother once had, so I had to get it. Soon after getting home I tried unsuccessfully to find it online to rundown the history and what it might be called. I didn’t look extensively but have searched casually a couple of times but with no luck.

What I do know is that it’s solid oak and the bottom has a sticker with a man’s name from N.Y. who “Remade and Renovated” the chair with the original interior stuffing, plus a little extra, dated February 2, 1970. Anyone antique experts out there? Or do you have one of those antique specifier books handy? Or maybe you’ve seen one of these before?

I dig the curved back and craftsman style lines. And while it looks a little awkward, it’s actually quite comfortable – one of my husbands favorite spots to chill.

I enjoy finding old functional pieces that have been well loved. The wood is a little worn in places but I like it that way – it always makes me wonder about the former owners.

Who were they? Maybe it was a new mother who rocked her child to sleep, or possibly someone’s favorite place to read. Whoever sat there before I’m sure they enjoyed the rocker as much as we have and will continue to for years to come.

Is there a favorite piece of furniture you’ve had in your family for a while? Or maybe you’ve a new found treasure that you plan on keeping forever?

And if you have any info on this rocker, I’d love to hear from you!