Ah, the Sharpie.

There’s nothing finer than a fresh sharpie and a blank piece of paper, or some underwear that need tagging.

I grew up with these things. Give me a Sharpie and a glass of tea, and I can conquer anything (at least anything that involved writing or marking of some sort). Of course, back then they called them “laundry markers” but we just call ’em Sharpies now. Like Kleenex. Coke. Q-tips. Sharpies are the standard of the permanent marker world and no wonder … they come in a rainbow of colors.


How did we ever make it with just black before? Thick. Thin. Chiseled. Some are even retractable–so cool. And soooo many more uses other than just marking laundry:

– signing your autograph

– fixing scuff marks on black shoes

– covering bleach stains on black clothes

– fake tattoos

– making your own temporary license tag

– writing things…

I could go on, but you get the picture.

My first boss, Elaine, got me really hooked on these. She always had a stockpile of them in the office, carried them everywhere. Used them for illustrations, writing, signing our checks and I’m sure she tagged some undies somewhere along the way.

She bought those Sharpies by the box. A WHOLE box at a time. It was like Christmas or something every time we got a brand new box.

Here’s the thing. Confession time. I always claimed one for my own. I took it. Snagged it. Hid it away in the dark crevices of my purse. Oh yeah, I carried it home but I always brought it back. It was mine. It was like precious goods. Like that ring in “Lord of the Rings,” “My precious …” (creepy, creepy, Sméagol–eeh!). Anyway, I think she always knew. You knew Elaine, didn’t you? You knew.

When I got married she signed the card that accompanied the wedding gift with nothing but … a Sharpie. Duh, duh, duh. Like a slap in the face, but I never broke … not until now.

Now I’ve outed myself.

The Po-Po might just show up any minute, so to make amends, I’m sending a fresh pack of rainbow Sharpies to Elaine. Watch for them, Elaine.

AND there will be another set for a random person who answers this …

If you were to give yourself a fake Sharpie tattoo, what would it be and where?

So tell all of your friends, countrymen or anyone who needs to mark up some stuff!

The oh, so fortunate winner of the Sharpie markers will be announced on Monday, August 17th, 2009. Same hat time, same hat channel. See you then.***Sorry. Giveaway is over.***

May the Sharpie live on forevah!!!

(This article and giveaway, are not in any way, shape, or form, promoted by Sharpie Pens. For all things Sharpie check out https://www.sharpie.com )