If you read “Sweet on Tea – Part I,” I hope you’ve found sweet success in creating your own perfect batch at home. I know I learned a lot from some of you and the tips you passed along – thanks!


Now we all know how to attempt to make it at home but what if you’re out and about, and get a hankerin’ for some of that divine “wine of the south?” (Can you name that movie?) Sometimes you may find yourself out of luck on the other side of town from your favorite sweet tea spot. What’s a gal to do?

After searching high and low, I now know the best places to find the good stuff, and have my local sources mapped out. I’ve certainly been known to migrate to particular restaurants for the quality of their tea. Some places might surprise you. For some reason, many of my favorites are ethnic restaurants (mexican, asian…) while many local “southern” eateries can offer grossly under par versions. How can it be? It’s a mystery…

Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to attempt to compile a resource for iced tea lovers everywhere to be able find the best spots to get a fix. So here we go. Please only recommendations, no restaurant bashing here – thanks!

Here are just a few of my favorites (there are many around here):

McAllisters – Greenville and other SC locations

Cantinflas – Main Street, downtown Greenville, SC

Atami Hibachi Grill – Easley, SC

Where are your favorite sweet iced tea joints?
(Share the establishment, city and state.)