There are certain things I consider to be a staple in our kitchen. Cooking spray is one of those things. I didn’t realize how much I’d grown accustom to grabbing the can of PAM for a quick spray here or there when cooking, until I was out one day. Like it’ll restock itself right there in the cabinet. That would be nice though, huh?

PAM Cooking Spray is useful in more ways than one, and not only in the kitchen. I’ve heard tales of it being used to speed up a sled for a swifter run down a hillside. And just over the weekend, my son, Hank, walked in the kitchen and asked for the PAM. Of course, I asked “Why?”

Normally an innocent can of cooking spray wouldn’t cause concern, but when you have a super-glue, duct tape toting twelve year old son, usually up to something involving fixing or building, you learn to ask “Why?”

He said that, since it had just started snowing, it was for the satellite dish, so the snow wouldn’t stick and interfere with the signal.

“For real?” I replied.

He told me that it worked great last year when he did it. Last year? What? How did I miss that? I must’ve been tweeting or something.

I was curious, so I asked him where he had ever heard of such a thing. He said he thought of it on his own.

“It is non-stick spray, Mom,” he so astutely stated.

Well, I suppose it is. And, from what he says, it worked. I didn’t go check it out for myself, but I’ll take his word for it that it worked like a charm. It makes sense that it should.

Of course that has my wheels turning for all other possible uses for one of the gems of the kitchen cupboard. And guess what? PAM Cooking Spray has a contest going on looking for all kinds of uses for their handy dandy cooking spray. If you have an idea that you’d like to share, stop by to check out PAM’s Tops Tips Contest and have a chance at winning $5,000 cash, a dinner party with Chef George Duran and much more cool stuff!

AND… just ’cause you’re cool, PAM is giving away, to 15 lucky winners (that’s 15 y’all! fifteen!), a variety pack of four (4) types of PAM Cooking Spray.

To enter, just leave a quick comment telling me how you use PAM in your home.

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The giveaway begins today, Tuesday, December 28, 2010, and ends Sunday, January 2nd, at Midnight PST. Winners will be announced sometime on Monday, January 3rd.

***Winners have been selected and are listed below.***

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Thanks for stopping by! And I hope your day is as smooth sailing as pancakes in a PAM sprayed pan!

(PAM Cooking Spray will be compensating be for this post to help promote PAM’s Top Tips Contest. I use PAM all the time anyway, so any opinions are my own. PAM Cooking Spray will also be supplying winners with their prizes. I was also given complimentary PAM products and other promotional materials from ConAgra.)

***Congratulations to the following 15 winners chosen to receive a variety pack of 4 cans of PAM Cooking Spray.

Happy cooking y’all!

#2  Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies says: We use PAM to spray the snow thrower. It keeps snow off the blades so that it works longer. Crazy huh? WD-40 has the same effect, but PAM is cheaper, and nicer to the environment, since it’s just vegetable oil.

#6 TidyMom says: I use it for baking all the time…… favorite “trick” is to use it to spray my measuring device before I measure out sticky stuff like honey or peanutbutter LOVE Pam!

#10 Amanda says: I use baking PAM for everything… and I bake A LOT!! Blessings!

#11 Denise says: I “Like” PAM on Facebook

#14 Southern Gal says: I love PAM, too. I try to keep an extra in my pantry because when I run out I usually reach for the butter to grease pans, etc. Not good on my hips.

#16 Jessica Herring says: I use it for all my cooking, baking, and candy making needs. There are a myriad of ways it comes in handy!

#17 Marly says: Love Pam (it’s my sister’s name too). I use Pam for all kinds of things, but I spray my hands with Pam when hand stirring my veggie meatloafs which can otherwise be kind of sticky. Great post!

#21 NanaBread says: I use PAM for all my baking/cooking pans so nothing sticks, but my other favorite use is not as common. Before pouring brightly colored foods into my plastic storage containers, I spray them with PAM. It keeps spaghetti sauce, chili, etc from staining your plasticware. Simple, but effective. I keep the original PAM, butter PAM and baking PAM in my pantry at all times. They’re my little kitchen helpers. I’d be lost without them.

#22 Angela Sullivan says: I’m an avid baker so I spray all my pans with Pam! I also tried a new way to use Pam after reading about sticky locks. You can spray your key with Pam and then stick it in the lock a couple of times to work the spray in and it essentially “greases” the lock and makes it easier to turn! Really I was too cheap to make a new key but it worked fabulously!

#26 Ellie says: I mostly use PAM for baking these days – ever since the research came out talking about cooking spray being bad for nonstick pans, I’ve been using it less for stovetop cooking – but it is and always will be essential for greasing the pan or the crockpot – I love how I can get such even coverage without having to use a lot of butter, which I consider a waste of time and money.

My favorite use for PAM is actually when I make something with molasses or honey – I spray the measuring cup with PAM, and then the molasses or honey pours right out, no waiting and much less mess.

#34 bridget {bake at 350} says: OK….I’m going to admit this…I don’t have any Pam (what is wrong with me?). BUT, I really want to try that Pam for Baking!!! It sounds wonderful! And Denise’s idea for using it when making Rice Krispie treats….that is genius!

#35 Pattypro says: Mine is primarily used for cooking applications, but I have been known to use it to remove labels, price tags, etc.

#37 megan @ whatmegansmaking says: I only use Pam in the kitchen – never thought to use it anywhere else! One unique thing is that sometimes I spray my hands before pressing sticky dough into a pan (rice krispie treats, etc).

#39 Susan says: We use PAM for everything, from making eggs to baking, anywhere it calls for greasing a pan, PAM is the go to item.

#42 Marcy says: I love the baking Pam…. It has made my baking so much easier…