This afternoon we were out and about running errands and discovered this little guy. An Imperial Moth.


Isn’t he (or she) beautiful? I love the colors – rich yellow with reddish markings. The colors are a reminder of fall and that it’s right around the corner. Yeah fall! Of course we had to carefully move the moth from the sidewalk to a more natural setting for it to live out the rest of its life. And by the way his (or her) name is George.

Around our home we listen to a lot of different kinds of music and very often songs pop in our head from the recesses of our minds triggered by some random event, comment, etc. Some songs we may haven’t heard in years, decades even – don’t know where they come from. This moth was one of those “triggers,” reminding me of Peter Rowan’s song, “Moth to a Flame.”

That Peter is one heck of a singer/songwriter. He’s right up there with Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoakam, and Tim O’Brien as one of our favorites. The chorus goes like this…

“Like a moth to a flame, I’m going to get burned.
You’ll teach me a lesson, I never could learn.
Like a moth to a flame, the tables have turned.
But you ease my pain, like a moth to a flame.”

I immediately thought of the cupcakes I baked last night, calling my name, beckoning me from under the cellophane wrapping even as I type this. But this song is a love song (although those are some pretty darn good cupcakes).

It’s a sad song, breaks your heart thinking about this man going back to do something he knows he shouldn’t, but can’t help it and gets burned every time. Kinda like the calories from the cupcakes I guess?

Anyway, I’m so glad I don’t have to handle the dating scene. I couldn’t do it again. It was hard. Kudos to all of you in search of the “right” one. But here’s my 2¢… if you’re flying back to a flame that’s burning you every time, then you’re flying to the wrong flame. Stop. Now.

That’s all folks. Have a good one. :-]