I hope I’m still blogging years from now.

And I hope years from now, if I’m still blogging, that I can encourage new bloggers to keep on truckin’ and not to look at the numbers and do the comparison thing so much.

Because I know, as a new blogger myself (8 months is new, isn’t it?), I can get frustrated with little reponse. I know I’m not alone. I’ve read posts by others, wonderful, profound, well written posts, with only a spattering of comments.

And then I’ll see a post on, say, BLT’s.

Not that there’s anything wrong with BLT’s. I crave BLT’s – all the time. BLT’s rock.

But it’s a BLT. Simple. Right?

Anyway, I’ll read a post on BLT’s that has 1,273 comments. What?!? BLT’s?!? Who knew that there was that much to say about the BLT. (This is just an example, so don’t go searching for a popular BLT post – unless you want to, then, of course, that’s your prerogative.)

And then I have to quickly remember that with a few exceptions, which usually involve prior fame or just plain luck, most bloggers have worked for those 1,273 comments.

They’ve spent years writing, photographing, editing.

Years of staying up ’til all hours of the night to get the perfect syntax.

Years building relationships.

Years learning html, css, and other complicated code stuff.

Years of missing out on fun outings with friends because they’re trying to get the perfect bacon shot.

So why am I whining? Should I expect special treatment? Should I expect to not have to be diligent and work just as hard – and smart – as the next? Should I expect a windfall of traffic because my husband thinks I’m brilliant?

Nah. Nope. Not so much. But that sure would be nice.

Just like any thing else, it takes years of hard work and determination to build up to 1,273 comments on a sandwich, or however you measure success.

So I’m off to put my big girl pants on and get to work.

Well, not before I grab a BLT. I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is a BLT.

See ya!