I can’t tell you how many times in the past few weeks I’ve passed these grapefruit and other citrus and caught a whiff of their crisp, clean scent. It’s a happy smell, a quick lift in my day, a prelude to what spring will bring. If only I can enjoy it in other parts of our home.

But alas! I can! How many times during winter months do we put on a pot of mulling spices to fill our home with the warm fragrance? Why not in spring and summer too?

For the life of me, I don’t know why it takes me so long to sometimes observe the obvious. I’ll never know. So I began to build a citrus spring medley in a pot.

Potpourri is a word I’ve banned. Sorry all you potpourri lovers out there. It reminds me of dead looking stuff, covered in dust, usually with a musty smell. It just does.

Again I’ll call it a citrus spring medley in a pot, unless you have a better idea. I’m open to suggestions.

I feel kinda silly giving instructions for such a simple thing, but here I go.

For a fresh, clean scent I used grapefruit and lemon. Lime would’ve been nice too. Begin by adding a little water to a small saucepan – maybe 1/2-1″ deep.

Next, add strips of grapefruit and lemon peels, along with their zest. Then squeeze the juice from the citrus used into the pot.

For a refreshing all natural scent, simmer on the stove. It will reduce, so be sure to check water level often to avoid scorching.

Since it’s all natural, you can use the reduction in a glaze for a favorite dessert, in a sorbet base, to flavor water or tea or other culinary delights.

Do you have any simple tips to share that welcome spring into your home?

This weeks kicks off a new series called “Home is…” at Reluctant Entertainer. This weeks theme is “Home is a delicious scent in our home.”For more ideas about adding a delicious scent to your home, or to add your link to the list, visit Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer.