Hope and change. That’s what I call these.


I know that’s a lot to expect from a shoe but these aren’t just any shoes. These are my favorite tennis shoes, Brooks Cascadia. Actually my third pair of these comfy, bouncy, sturdy, make me a little taller, empowering shoe. Did I say they were my favorite?

Anyway, I recently purchased this pair and before you go checkin’ ’em out, gawk at the price and say…

“What? She’s not a runner. She’s hardly a walker. How can she justify the cost? Who does she think she’s foolin’?”

Please note that…

#1 when I purchase shoes, any shoes for that matter, I’m making a commitment. I only buy new tennis shoes about every 2 years.

And #2, when your feet are unhappy, the rest of you follows. That’s one of my mantras and I’m stickin’ to it.

Back to the hope and change…

My hope was that a brand new, springy pair would encourage me to get moving. Already I’ve surpassed last weeks one day of exercise with 2 days this week so far. It’s all about baby steps people.


The change? Well, to the state the obvious for those that know me in real life, a hiney change. Smaller, less jiggly.

It’s a fine goal to be sure.

I can almost feel my butt getting smaller already.

Do you have any new goals? Or old ones you’re working on? How’s it going?