A tasty trip to the Ferry Building San Francisco.

Yesterday I arrived in San Francisco for a the Blogher Food conference. I don’t really consider myself a food blogger. I eat food and I blog about some of it but I feel pretty much of a dork compared to the real food bloggers here. Hopefully I’ll learn much in little time about blogging in general and maybe pick up some cooking tips along the way.

Anyway, soon after arriving yesterday afternoon I met up with some great gals of the food blogging world that I’d never met “in real life” or IRL in the blogging world. We perused the Ferry Building which is chock full of tasty temptations, flowers and cooking ware. A real dangerous place for me considering I had only had some egg drop soup, trail mix and a Pepsi up until that point.

Ferry Building San Francisco

Fresh fruit and vegetables, (yeah, I know tomatoes are a fruit too)

Ferry Building San FranciscoFerry Building San Francisco


Ferry Building San Francisco


Ferry Building San Francisco

oh, the chocolate,

Ferry Building San Francisco

There are no words to describe… Recchiuti Confections stole my heart while in San Francisco. I’m taking some of these sweets to my sweet (unless they get lost along the way, sometimes that happens you know – things get lost while traveling all the time.)

Ferry Building San Francisco

This was a cute stop, Miette. A delightful selection of goodies for sure.

Ferry Building San Franciscoferrybldg13ferrybldg14

They also had macarons.

Ferry Building San Francisco

I’ve never had a macaron. I’ve been seeing them pop up here and there on other food sites but was too embarrassed to admit that I’d never had one. I thought they were some kinda little round cake with coconut or something – we don’t do macarons where I’m from – at least not up until yesterday. A macaron is a french pastry. They’re good. Just had a pistachio one for breakfast as I’m typing this. Oh my…

So far my trip to San Franciso, albeit short, has been filled with sweet treats and some sweet new friends. Can’t wait to see what today brings.

Go find yourself a macaron.