Last year I purchased this calendar.


And this one.


And this one.


And here’s another.


You can’t have too many calendars.

Actually after admiring some prints that a friend had hanging in her home, I found out that they were from a calendar. So I went on a hunt for my own. What a fantastic idea for a gift that can be used later for decorating. Inexpensive too. The calendars are around $20. And for that price you get, not just one, but twelve images to frame. What a deal.


I found these from Cavallini & Co. They have a beautiful line that also include stationery and other quality paper products. The vegetable calendar was a popular one last year, and hard to find, so be sure to check out their offerings soon before they go bye-bye.



I like the birdies and have hung a grouping of four just this week. Aren’t they cute? I can almost hear them tweet every time I walk by.


So do you have any multipurpose gift recommendations or just a great gift idea? Do share!