A few weeks ago my parents and I went on a little hike in search of an old family cemetery. Back in the woods we traipsed around without a map – just my dad’s memory was all we had to guide us.

Well, I won’t speak of my dear ol’ dad’s memory right now, but needless to say, our resting family members are still waiting for a visit.

While out and about in the woods I decided on an impromptu photo shoot. The lighting was nice and if I couldn’t take pictures of old tombstones what was I to do?

Mushrooms. They were everywhere. Different shapes, colors, and sizes. I thought fondly of scenes from “The Lord of the Rings” and of woodland creatures that might pop out at any moment.

Now I’m not a mushroom expert or connoisseur by any measure. I like them on pizza, use them in sauces and the occasional recipe here and there. I know that most are brown or whitish gray. Others, called truffles, are real expensive and a gastronome’s delight. Definitely a mushroom primer would do me good. So if any of you out there are experts in identifying mushrooms, please let me know if I need to go back and get some of them for my next risotto.

As my parents hunted for the grave site, I hunted for mushrooms. I didn’t pick any, just took pictures. There were red ones…


and brown ones…


and creepy gray ones…


and little cute itsy bitsy red ones…


and some whitish grayish ones (these look a little familiar to me, I wonder if they might be good for cooking?)…


an orange one with it’s own fungus (a fungus with a fungus)…Mushrooms

and others that looked like they had been nibbled on…


All in all my little mushroom trip (a non psychedelic mushroom trip) was fun. Hopefully when we return to hunt again for the family plot there will be more fungi to greet us.

So any ideas on what kind they are?