The Buzz


Recently while in Savannah for the first Go Savor Culinary Retreat, we were treated to a tour of Savannah Bee Company. Which was extra cool for me as I’m starting to keep bees in a few weeks. Any chance I can get to see bee hives in action and glean information from experienced bee keepers… 

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A salsa garden.


I’m gonna call it a salsa garden. All the proper salsa players will be present. Of course there will be goodness other than salsa created with fresh from the garden produce. But fresh salsa is definitely one of the things we all enjoy during the summer. There will certainly be a share of sauces and pesto churned out as well. Can’t complain about that that I suppose.

The good, the bad and the buggy.


This time of the year is bitter sweet in the garden. Insects of all kinds flock to our garden. They’re fun to watch and photograph. At least most of them are. Among the butterflies… And a variety of bees… We also get Japanese Beetles. The Japanese Beetles did a number on our Purple Coneflower, but… 

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Are you a busy bee?


While watching those bees I was reminded of all the times over the last couple of months that I was a “busy bee” myself and not noticing the world around me at times – my family, my friends…my laundry. Not that there’s anything wrong with working hard or blogging. But balance is important and our relationships should come first.