While in Savannah, Ga. last weekend, I was hunting for a thank you gift for a sweet friend who was dog sitting for us. Thankfully we stumbled into The Savannah Bee Company’s retail store.

What a great little shop. Warm. Inviting. And full of tasty honey. They had a honey sampling bar that was all the buzz and a cute bee hive for the kids to play in.

While there was an array of different honeys for purchase, this was one of my favorite items in the store.


Beeswax Hand Cream. It comes in a tube or jar. I’m really hard on my hands. It’s a rare thing when I remember to wear gloves for gardening, painting or cleaning, so when I find a hand cream that instantly softens my hands, I’m all over it. This stuff works and has a light, subtle scent – not perfumey (that’s not really a word is it?). This hand cream is a decadent treat, and we could all use a little decadence now and then, other than in caloric form. With Christmas fast approaching this will be on my shopping list for sure.

Oh, yeah, their honey was good too. Real good. It’s amazing how much better local grown honey tastes. I liked the “Winter White” best but don’t take my word for it. If you get to Savannah be sure to stop in and try the samples for yourself. Or you can visit them online at https://www.savannahbee.com/ where you’ll find the whole Savannah Bee story, along with recipes and other tasty finds.

Help our little bee friends out and buy some of their handiwork. And I hope you have a bee-utiful day!