This time of the year is bitter sweet in the garden.

Insects of all kinds flock to our garden.

They’re fun to watch and photograph.

At least most of them are.

Among the butterflies…

And a variety of bees…

We also get Japanese Beetles.

The Japanese Beetles did a number on our Purple Coneflower, but they’ve already come and gone. Thank goodness.

But look at these buggers, stink bugs.

Stink bugs … I don’t like em. I don’t like em one bit. They stink.

We try our darndest to avoid using any pesticides, and opt instead for interplanting other bug repellant varieties close by, as well as the picking and stomping method. Or the picking and flicking method. That one works well too.

While pesticides, even organic ones, may get rid of the beetles and other pests, the other guests that we want to keep are usually affected as well. So we’ve held off using anything as much as possible.

And even though much of the purple coneflower looks pitiful, the bees and butterflies don’t seem to mind.

Still, I’ve been doing some research, but no method sounds all that fantastic to me. And as I said using other insecticides, even organic/natural ones, concern me a little, especially for the bees. Bees can return to their hive with just a little insecticide, and ruin a whole colony. Just like that. I’d rather have stinking looking flowers than worry about that.

I’m curious to hear what works for you to control a buggy sit-ye-ation. What have you tried that has worked like a charm? Do you have any tips or tricks for ridding the bad guys, while keeping the good?