Snap! Crackle! Pop! Cheep! Cheep!

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Cheep! Cheep!

For the past couple of weeks some friends and I have had the pleasure of playing with Rice Krispies Treats, creating little critters and such. Rice Krispies® began a friendly, year-long challenge with four teams across the nation for the Rice Krispies® Making Memories Challenge. Along with Julie from Mommie Cooks, Sommer over at A Spicy Perspective, and Robyn at Add a Pinch, I was invited to join the team representing the south. Fun huh?

Let me explain. (There’s a lot of information here, so let me know if something doesn’t make sense.)

The goal? To make an original Rice Krispies® Treat focused on a given theme. Over the course of the year there will be a total of four challenges between the four different teams, each with a different theme. For each of the four challenges a winner will be chosen. It should be a fun and tasty year ahead!

Here’s the low down on our entry for the initial challenge.

The first challenge was to create an original Rice Krispies® Treat with an Easter theme. After pastel tinted ideas swirled through our heads, this little chick hatched right there before our eyes.

Isn’t he cute? Or she?


The chick is made of delightful lemon, white chocolate Rice Krispies® Treats, coated with coconut. It tastes just like lemonade! It sits atop a dark chocolate Rice Krispies® butter cookie nest. Let me tell ya, it’s yummy! Lemon and dark chocolate is a combo everyone should try this spring.

The chicks and nests are easy enough for the kids to join in on the fun creating them. What a fun spring time project for those busy hands that need something to do. We also made a centerpiece to accompany the itty bitty chicks.

The centerpiece is a basket filled with a Rice Krispies® landscape for more chicks and their bunny friends, and a spring time garden. It was fun to put together and mostly made, again, with Rice Krispies®. For a full explanation of how we made the centerpiece, check out Robyn’s, from Add a Pinch, post. She explains it down to the “T.”

You’ll find the recipes and details on how to make the little chicks and nests below.


Lemonade Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

Rice Krispies Chicks Assembly


Chocolate Cocoa Krispies Butter Cookie Nests Recipe

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  1. 5

    SMITH BITES says

    adorable guys, just adorable!!! i do not have the patience to do this kind of work so must admire from the sidelines!!

  2. 8


    we make rice krispie treat cakes and stuff all the time, there is simply nothing better than cream cheese frosting all over a rice krispie concoction. I think I just may have to make this variety for our Easter celebration. Very cool!

  3. 13

    Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies says

    These are so stinking cute! I never thought to add zest of any kind to rice krispie treats – now you’ve got my wheels a turnin’! I hope you guys win, this is just too cute for words.

  4. 15

    Jennifer in SC says

    Too cute. If I had young kids, I would be making these! For some reason 17 and 15 year old boys don’t like the cute crafty stuff!

  5. 20

    the country cook @ Delightful Country Cookin says

    The chick is cute, but I absolutely LOVE that basket! What a clever idea! It would be fun as a giveaway centerpiece for a Spring dinner party.

  6. 21

    Jenna says

    You guys did such an awesome job. So creative, and the garden centerpiece is just too cute!

  7. 22


    That’s adorable! I’ve made Halloween and Thanksgiving rice krispies concotions, but never thought of Easter. Cute idea.

  8. 23

    christine says

    Soo cute! I love your little garden hill covered with little hoppity critters! :) Good luck with the contest.

  9. 25

    Pattypro says

    Amy, that centerpiece is absolutely adorable, as are the individual chicks on nests. Well done!

  10. 41

    Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels says

    I first saw these on Sommer’s blog and you all did such an incredible job! I can’t believe how creative you all are, this is just amazing. :)

  11. 45

    Cathy W says

    I’ve got to try these! My neighbors would love them! You are some creative gals!

  12. 48

    Wenderly says

    So stinkin cute! I don’t think that I could bring myself to eat the little darlin’! He/she is too precious!

  13. 50

    Annmarie W. says

    I absolutely love those chicks & bunnies! Can’t wait to vote for them come April 12!

  14. 58

    angie says

    I just have to say that the little forest farm bunny chick scene you created is adorable and like nothing I have ever seen anyone do with cereal! LOL I love it! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  15. 60

    Mari says

    The Rice Krispies® Chicks Assembly recipe looks like a treat my son’s class would love!

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