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Sharing a few favorite Jarlsberg Cheese Recipes that are real winners.

Cheese is most certainly a weakness of mine. Let me rephrase that. Good cheese is most certainly a weakness of mine and when we received a hoop of Jarlsberg cheese for our Go Savor Culinary Retreat in Savannah, we were all more than excited about cooking with it throughout the weekend.

Jarlsberg Cheese Recipes

Photo credits: left and top right – Chris/Mele Cotte, bottom right – Julie/The Little Kitchen

We used Jarlsberg in a number of featured dishes – from Virginia Willis’ mini country ham biscuits and Oeufs en Cocotte to a scrumptious pasta salad – and a few in between. Our hoop of Jarlsberg was certainly a star attraction in the kitchen!

bottom photo –  Julie/The Little Kitchen

Jarlsberg cheese has a unique nutty flavor which makes it a great cheese in recipes calling for a cheddar, Swiss or another semi-hard cheese. It’s also great by the slice with fruit, crackers and a glass of wine or just right by itself for snacking.

Here are some mighty tasty Jarlsberg Cheese Recipes we think you’ll enjoy with Jarlsberg as the cheese of choice.

Virginia Willis’ Country Ham Biscuits and Oeufs en Cocotte

Jarlsberg’s Summer Pasta Salad

I Am Tickled Red’s Croque Monsieur

Jarlsberg partnered with Go Savor for our Culinary Retreat in Savannah, Georgia and provided cheese for use during the Culinary Retreat.