Pomegranates. A tasty snack.


Have you been thinking about trying to make some healthier food choices? Maybe your snacking over the holidays has gotten out of control a tad?

Consider the pomegranate.


Packed with healthy benefits, the pomegranate is a tasty treat. And no yucky cardboard tasting stuff going on with the pomegranate that’s for sure.

For one way to peel a pomegranate, okay maybe two, head over to Tasty Kitchen and check out the photo tutorial I did. It’s really simple.


See ya later alligator!


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  1. 3

    Blog is the New Black says

    I flippin’ LOVE poms… I’ve been hoarding them and then eating like 3 at a time. They are SO worth the effort! :)

  2. 4

    Jennifer says

    Mmm…these photographs are making me crave some pomegranates! Perfect snack and also great to throw into a salad.

  3. 6

    Lynne A says

    Those aren’t just food, they’re ART! What a gorgeous, translucent garnet red…

  4. 7

    Dandy says

    I just tried pomegranite for the first time- isn’t that crazy? Anyway it was awesome :)

    How are you? I’ve missed you! I’ve been out of the loop but I’m ready to jump back in

  5. 10

    Spruce hill says

    I love pomegranets! They are very high in potassium. Love their color too.

  6. 13

    Sallie says

    Thank you, Amy! Great encouragement as I just celebrated my 50th birthday! So glad you enjoy pomegranites as much as we do! Thanks to Laura, our friend, who introduced pomegranites to my daughter, Gretel! She came home from youth group after Laura served them to the youth. Gretel asked me to buy one and they have been loved in our house ever since!

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