Not just any day.

I love my husband. Have you ever met my husband, Randy?

Maybe you’ve read his post about a memory from his younger years as a boy growing up on a farm.

Possibly you’ve marveled at his talent as the Singing Muffin Man, or when he accompanied our daughter, a pickin’ and a grinnin’.

Were you aware that he’s the hand behind Slocum the singing dog?

And, oh yeah, you may have seen him in a commercial. Lawd, that commercial. Don’t get me started.

His abilities never cease to amaze.

Please oblige me while I brag on Randy today, because today is not just any day. Today, July 13th, is Randy’s birthday. And for his birthday I wanted to share some of the reasons why I’m glad Randy was born:

– Randy is a funny guy. He makes me laugh.

– He serenades our family at the drop of a hat.

– Randy never meets a stranger.

– Randy cooks pancakes and egg sandwiches when I don’t feel like it.

– A world without Slocum would be a very boring place indeed.

– Randy is passionate about the truth.

– He’s a fabulous story teller. We’re never bored. Ever.

– Randy is a better father than I am a mother to our children. Thank goodness for their sakes.

– Randy makes me laugh. Yes, I know it’s a repeat, but it’s worth mentioning twice.

– Randy is my best friend.

Randy has been a blessing to me in so many ways. I’d hate to think what life would be like if he had never been born. Happy Birthday Randy!

As part of celebrating Randy’s life today, I bring you a new number by Slocum. Enjoy!

Wishing you a very happy day too!

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  1. 1


    LMAO!!!!!! I think I peed a little. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY!!! I have to *HAND* it to you, that was a two *THUMBS UP* performance. Without a *SHADOW* of a doubt, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I am very proud of *U2* for a great performance!!

  2. 3

    cbp says

    Not only are you and your family blessed by the gift of Randy but so are those who call him friend. Thanks Randy for all your songs, laughs, stories and passion for truth. Thanks Many Hats Chick for sharing him with us. Y’all have fun celebrating his special day!

  3. 7


    Happy birthday to Randy! :)


    PS: I realise that I’ve made the exact same comment as Jessica, so I’ll say this instead: congrats on getting older and wiser, Randy!

  4. 8


    Happy Birthday to Randy!! We love him too…just don’t get to see him or you and the children as often as we’d like. Randy should go into politics. He has the ability to make everyone smile and feel good about him and themselves…he is one of those people who does not just stand by and watch things happen, he makes things happen! Much love to you and Randy and your happy family on Randy’s special day and every day! Aunt Carole

  5. 9


    Happy Birthday! We love Randy too…just don’t get to see him or you and the children as often as we’d like. Randy would be great in politics…he should run for an office of some kind. He has the ability to make everyone smile and feel good about him and themselves, and is one of those people who does not just stand by and watch things happen…he makes things happen!! He is definitely one of the “good guys”!!! Much Love! Aunt Carole

  6. 10

    Angie B says

    Slocum sings with so much SOUL!! Love it. :) Happy birthday Randy! Y’all have fun celebrating.

  7. 11

    Nanny J says

    My favorite youngest child – a very HAPPY!! Today, I will agree with you, just for today, we will agree that you are the smartest, the cutest, most talented and sometimes filled with the most bologna!! Just ask your brothers.

    Love you bunches. And thanks for Amy, Hope, and Hank!

  8. 12

    Denise says

    Randy (aka Slocum) makes me laugh, too! It’s a gift to know him and to have him & his wonderful family as dear friends!

    (Does Slocum do any Willie Nelson songs? …”Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain”, “Always on My Mind”…)

  9. 15

    LisaW says

    Randy and I have a share the same birthday. Happy Birthday Randy! I loved the song :)

  10. 16

    Tickled Red says

    Oh! Happy Belated Birthday to Randy!! You are a lucky lady Amy :) He is such a sweetie and extremely talented. I know that you all celebrated with style last night. From us to you…sending ya’ll love.

  11. 17

    Mom says

    (My Computer was down until just now and I missed seeing this on Randy’s birthday but I heard about it over the grapevine.)

    Amy, I must say you did good when you made Randy part of the our family. And I agree with your Aunt Carole. Randy, you could make it as an entertainer or an honest politician (those two words don’t seem to go together) but with your outgoing personality and talent you will go far in whatever you. You have made a wonderful husband for our daughter and are a good father to two of our five grandchildren who happen to be the smartest, cutest and most loving kids around. We could not have ask for more. God has been good and may He bless you not only on your Birthday but everyday. We love you all.

  12. 18


    Slocum has a very agile little finger. I tried to do that and now have a cramp in my hand.

    **Swampy clears throat and uses her bestest voice** (unfortunately, she’s off-key)
    Happy Birthday to you
    Cha Cha Cha
    Happy Birthday to you
    Cha Cha Cha
    Happy Birthday dear Ran…DEE
    Happy Birthday to you
    Cha Cha Cha

  13. 19


    Happy Birthday Slo..I mean Randy…great performance!!!
    You got me all excited when you sang U2…going to see them in Istanbul in September!! Woohoo..rock on!!
    Bono would love this version!! LOL

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