Homemade Body Butter

A simple homemade body butter that works great for shaving your legs too.

Homemade Body Butter A couple of weeks ago I ran across an article about additives in cosmetics and skin care products that was quite disturbing. Of course, I freaked a tad and thought about tossing everything in our home. After I calmed down, I decided to chill out and take a gradual approach, beginning by making some homemade versions to use. I started with what we had in our home, specifically our kitchen. My thinking is if I put in in my body I should be okay with putting in on my body.

I began by creating a body butter of sorts with only three ingredients we usually have on hand: coconut oil, honey, and citrus. A simple mixing of the three created a fresh, smooth cream that I’ve used to shave my legs, as well as a moisturizer for really dry areas, especially my dry, cracked cuticles. OR add a spoonful to some hot tea (Carrie from La Pomme de Portland recently share that handy tip).

Homemade Body Butter Homemade Body Butter Homemade Body Butter Homemade Body Butter *Please note, since this homemade body butter does not contain preservatives it is intended for use within a week or less when covered and stored in a cool dry place. The recipe shared below makes a bunch, so consider splitting it with friends or dividing the amounts used to be able to use within a week. If a longer shelf life is desired, look into using an oil soluble preservative and replacing the fresh citrus zest with an essential oil.*

As I said, I’ve primarily been using it to shave my legs. While there’s no lather, it’s pretty cool, because once I’m out of the shower or bath, my legs are already moisturized with no need for anything else. Very handy dandy, indeed. It can also be added by the spoonfuls to a hot bath as a bath oil/moisturizer.

Coconut oil and honey alone have so many healthful benefits, so just imagine what combining the two will do for your skin, without all of the junkity junk so many other skin care products can have. Be sure to check the notes below, and if you try this one soon, let me know what you think!

A few notes:

– Recipe is intended for using within a week. For longer shelf life, delete citrus zest, store tightly covered in a refrigerator, and consider using an oil soluble preservative.

– Store covered tightly in a cool dry place.

– Note that Coconut Oil is used for this recipe, not coconut milk, or coconut water.

– Primarily I’ve been using this as a shaving cream for legs, and moisturizer for dry areas like elbows, cuticles, and feet, as well as an addition to bath water. I’ve called it a body butter for lack of a better term, so test on others areas before using as an all-over body moisturizer.

– For this batch I added the zest of grapefruit for a fresh scent, but any citrus zest will do, or a favorite essential oil added to your preference could be substituted. Just imagine the wonderful combination of scents you could create!

– The “recipe” below makes a large amount, which is perfect for splitting with a friend, or having some to keep in the kitchen and bath to keep those cuticles nice and hydrated.

– Although mixture starts out soft, it will firm up, solidifying more after a day or so.

– Be aware that since it’s an oil base it can make the shower floor or tub quite slippery, so be careful!

– Since there is citrus zest in the mixture, there may be little pieces of zest that you will need to wipe off. Essential oil can also be used for scent.

Homemade Body Butter

Homemade Body Butter
A simple 3 ingredient body butter and/or shaving cream.
  • 1½ cups of coconut oil measured as solid
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons zest of grapefruit or other citrus (substitute essential oil to preference)
  1. Mix all together until combined and smooth.
  2. Transfer to a container and cover.
- Recipe is intended for using within a week. For longer shelf life, delete citrus zest, store tightly covered in a refrigerator, and consider using an oil soluble preservative.

- Store covered tightly in a cool dry place.

- Primarily I've been using this as a shaving cream for legs, and moisturizer for dry areas like elbows, cuticles, and feet, as well as an addition to bath water. I've called it a body butter for lack of a better term, so test on others areas before using as an all-over body moisturizer.

- For this batch I added the zest of grapefruit for a fresh scent, but any citrus zest will do, or a favorite essential oil added to your preference could be substituted. Just imagine the wonderful combination of scents you could create!

- This recipe makes a large amount, which is perfect for splitting with a friend, or having some to keep in the kitchen and bath to keep those cuticles nice and hydrated.

- Although mixture starts out soft, it will firm up, solidifying more after a day or so.

- Be aware that since it's an oil base it can make the shower floor or tub quite slippery, so be careful!

- Since there is citrus zest in the mixture, there may be little pieces of zest that you will need to wipe off. Essential oil can also be used for scent.

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  1. 1


    Amy! I made this today using lemon after you shared the “recipe” with me and added a heaping teaspoon into the tub for a relaxing soak, shaving my legs, etc.

    Oh my heavens! This body butter is PERFECTION!

    I do not ever want to be without this body butter. My skin feels amazing and my cuticles really haven’t looked this good in a long time! Love, love, love it, my friend!

    • 2

      Daniella says

      I’m way too busy working on a farm to make my own body butter. I’ve done a lot of research to find safe, environmental-friendly, cruelty-free products, using EWG’s site and other research, and I buy all my body products from Nourish. They make a completely chemical-free body butter. The fresh fig scent is so lovely!

      • 3

        Sarah says

        Seriously? If you have time to do research you should have time to make your own body butter.

      • 6

        Martha says

        I agree. I’ve been looking at other body butter websites and have seen the same obnoxious post elsewhere. If you have time to tell everyone across the web about some website, I’m pretty sure you can mix together a couple ingredients.

          • 8

            Honeybunny says

            Who cares if you are offended? the farmer post just came across as total spam, they are such a hard working farm girl but they had time to research and buy this particular product, then had time to tell everyone else about it, please!

      • 9


        I understand that not EVERYONE wants to make their own products. EVERYONE has a talent and calling, and they should be concentrating on this, not worrying about making all of the DIY stuff they can make. Sometimes it is feasible, sometime not! Sometimes it is easier to just buy it, sometimes not.
        As far as the rude comment you received, totally uncalled for. When you have other priorites to deal with, as in this case a farm, family and more to take care of, the LAST thing on your list is getting out the mixer, zesting an orange and mixing it up.

      • 10

        Sandy says

        This is clearly spam. A person working on a farm, too busy to make body butter would not be looking at a blog post on how to make body butter and then taking time out of her busy schedule to tell everyone she is too busy to make body butter :) Thanks for your recipe!

    • 12

      sue beach says

      I tried this with traditions coconut oil. do you have to a certain type of coconut oil?

    • 13

      Nat says

      I just tried this out and no matter how much I mix the ingredients together it doesn’t thicken like in Amy’s pictures. Could this be because I live in the tropics – the coconut oil does not solidify in natural state – and may be need to refrigerate it?

        • 15

          Nat says

          It never is. I should say the temperature outside is 28-30C all year round and the coconut oil is always in golden liquid form. May be I need to look for a “paste” version of it.

        • 16

          Nat says

          New development! Just figured the mixture I put in the fridge last night has turned white and looks a lot like yours. will let it thaw a bit before using and continue to store in the fridge. Excited much! Thanks for sharing and commenting Amy! :)

          • 17


            Glad to hear it, Nat! The olive oil I purchase is always solid and white when purchases. Hopefully for you it’s a temperature thing. While not necessarily handy, you can always keep it stored in the refrigerator if necessary.

    • 24

      Angie says

      Yes…it does. Made some today and it feels awesome…then all of a sudden it’s like my skin is ‘tacky’ not sure what to do now except only use in the shower instead of after.

  2. 25

    Tonja says

    Coconut oil is great to use before sunbathing (if you do that sort of thing :) you won’t burn. At least it works for me.

    • 26

      Debbie Day says

      I agree — coconut oil is my one and only “go-to” for sunbathing. I spent 2 months in Costa Rica — wonderful tan, no sunburn — coconut oil only!

  3. 30

    Wenderly says

    Yummy! I love to use coconut oil on my body! It’s so lovely! Can’t wait to try it with these ingredients!

  4. 31


    My hands can always use something rich and creamy like this to lubricate my hands especially being in water all day. What a great recipe and so simple and a nice gift to give someone for Mothers Day, a birthday or even the holidays. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  5. 32

    Tsandi Crew says

    Sadly, and I hate to bring this up but make sure any citrus fruit you use has not been coated with wax or any other noxious unwanted stuff. I have found that every citrus fruit I come across lately is coated. That said, I am going to do this beautiful remedy for my dry skin! Thanks for making it so simple!

    • 33

      Jasmine says

      There is a simple way to remove the wax off of any fruit, you would soak the fruit in water and a little white vingear. I hoped this helped; I also heard that if you buy organic fruits they don’t come with any wax.

    • 34

      mommyBrenda says

      Jasmine – That is very true!! What I would reccomend that you do is to peel an orange or what ever fruit you like and shave the zest from the inside rather than the out. If there is indeed a wax coating on it though – you could always give it a good scrubbing in your kitchen sink with some hot water which is as hot as you can stand it, and it should melt off the skin if I am not mistaken. Although if you are worried you can always visit some of your local farms or farmer’s market and buy stuff that is locally grown, then you will not have that issue. And if I am not mistaken I do believe that organic citris does not have the wax on it.

      As for the recipe, it looks so easy!! I am anxious to try it myself!! How would you mix the coconut oil?? In a blender? Or will it soften as you stir by hand with a wisk??

  6. 36


    I love this! My sister in law made some lotion bars that were fabulous. I will pass this on to her and maybe she will make it for me!

  7. 39

    Tammi says

    Going to try but have a question. Since coconut oil hardens, this won’t clog the pipes will it?

    • 40

      Jillian says

      Yes, it will. I do oil pulling with coconut oil and have to spit it in the trash. So, be prepared to clean the pipes or find another way to use it.

    • 41

      Brandy says

      Yes it can. I use coconut oil for oil pulling as well as for shaving creme and moisturizer. My advise to you is to use Dawn. Chase the water down the pipes with HOT water and Dawn (they use dawn on sea life and birds that have been coated in oil from spills). This usually helps with my drains. Also, hair absorbs a lot of oil, so any hair in the drain will help with that as well (obviously clear the drain afterwards… LOL). I have yet to have any problems with my drains due to using coconut oil and I’ve been using it for a year now.
      Also, a great cleaner and way to get the oil off of your shower is to combine distilled vinegar and Dawn (one part each). Spray onto the surface you wish to clean, then leave for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse or rub off. No scrubbing needed. Even takes care of soap scum.

  8. 42


    This looks so good. I’m going to make it this weekend. I did have one question. How long will it last before going bad? I don’t use a ton of lotions since it is so humid where I live and I’d hate for any of it to go to waste.

    • 43

      Anonymous says

      You can use a little extra citrus powder with this or some vitamin E oil to help, but the zest and the honey are both full of natural preservatives. As they age, they will mostly just dry out (think what happens to the honey that stays in you cupboard too long). In point of fact, honey was the primary source for embalming for many ancient cultures all over the ancient world ranging from Egypt to China to Scandinavia.

  9. 45

    Meg W. says

    I would recommend adding something to keep it from going bad. Vitamin E oil is a great option to increase its shelf life.

    • 46

      katydidsoaps says

      While Vit E would be a great addition for it’s skin loving qualities, it is an antioxidant and will only prolong the shelf life of the oils. It is not a preservative and will not prevent the growth of mold or bacteria (highly likely with the addition of fruit zest)

      I’d use a broad spectrum preservative like Phenonip in addition :-)

    • 47

      Lori says

      I am going to make this with maybe a little less honey, definitely the vitamin e and I am going to try grapefruit essential oil for the scent since is less likely to become contaminated by bacteria. I would try making an amount that would last about two weeks at a time. Since I have dry skin I use oils and body butter as an all over moisturizer and I love coconut oil.

      • 48

        Goyi says

        I was wondering, how do you get it so frothy? I know you mix it with a mixer. Do you mix it until it’s fluffy? When I bought my jar, it was oil on top and solid on the bottom. Then I poured it out in a bowl and mixed it together and poured it back in the jar. It was grainy, like sand. Is that the way its going to be? Or is it because I didn’t add anything to it? Sorry for all the questions. It’s just that this is my first time using natural products. Also, how do I store it? In the fridge or at my night stand…thanks again

        • 49



          The kind of coconut oil I buy is pretty solid right out of the jar. I mixed it with the honey and zest until smooth. I store mine in my bathroom cabinet. If you choose to store it in the refrigerator, it will just be more firm.

          • 50

            MF says

            I wonder if you could freeze it in an ice tray and take one out one cube at a time?

  10. 52

    khushbakht says

    does this cream makes you skin color darker? Because usually these winter butter creams make your skin darker or they for dark patches on your skin.

    • 53

      CahLeo says

      I actually made my own lotion with Coconut oil (and EVOO with Beeswax) and it does NOT darken skin. It did actually lighten mine a tiny bit, though.

  11. 54

    Cherell says

    Works great for my itchy skin after I have been in the sun. Yes I have an allergy to the sun ;(
    I do find it rather sticky but it works GREAT!!

  12. 55

    Sommer @ ASpicyPerspective says

    Yum! This body butter looks creamy, zesty, and totally eat-able! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  13. 57


    This looks so amazing, I would wanna eat it or at least use it as frosting. OMG. I’m so making this as a recipe and I’ll make some extra for my body. Thanks for sharing.

  14. 58

    Heather @ Sugar Dish Me says

    This is SO amazing!!! I make scrubs and rubs and stuff with olive oil & sugars or salt all the time but I’ve never made a body butter. Suuuper cool.

  15. 59


    What a fantastic idea!

    Anytime I’m cooking in the kitchen and I get a little coconut oil or olive oil on my hands, I just rub it into my skin. So natural!

    Is the honey essential? I’m allergic to it topically.

  16. 60

    Marie says

    I always keep a jar of coconut oil in my bathroom and use it on my face and hands every night. Works great. Adding honey would make me concerned about bacteria. I know others who have had problems with homemade. Also, citrus can be extremely irritating on the skin. THis is lengthy but below is a list I found online regarding harmful ingredients that are still natural. I love natural but it does not always equate to good:
    All of the following common natural ingredients can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, skin sensitivity, and/or sun sensitivity:

    •Almond extract
    •Balm mint oil
    •Clover blossom
    •Coriander oil
    •Cottonseed oil
    •Fir needle
    •Geranium oil
    •Lavender oil
    •Lemon balm
    •Oak bark
    •Witch hazel
    •Ylang ylang

    • 61


      Hmmm … I actually added the honey knowing that it has antibacterial properties.

      As far as the grapefruit zest being added, anyone allergic to grapefruit or other citrus could delete or substitute their favorite scent.

      • 62

        Gina says

        Because of Honey’s supersaturation of sugar it inhibits the growth of yeast and other fungal spores. Its pH is 3.26 to 4.48, a killing field for bacteria. This is why if you use honey on skin that is irritated by infection, it will clear up. I use honey to wash my face and it’s cleared it up so well.

        • 63

          Janice says

          It also is a food without a shelf life. Edible honey has been found in Egyptian tombs…

    • 64

      celia says

      That seems like a pretty short list compared to the huge list of harmful chemicals in anything you buy at the store. Just sayin.

    • 65

      MF says

      Most of these are irritants when not diluted w a veg based oil. I use all of these with either coconut oil or olive oil. Many of these have wonderful healing properties if u use high grade ESS oils like young living. Have fun!!

  17. 66

    Sarah says

    I JUST made this …its still in the mixing bowl. I tried it on my hands and its sooooo sticky from the honey …??? Should i add more coconut oil !! ?! I hate to waste as its so expensive… Please help ..thanks :)

    • 67

      Annette says

      I usually just use coconut oil whipped. Made this for a change and don’t like the feel of it on my skin. Need to rinse off with water afterwards but DOES leave the skin soft

  18. 68

    Sarah says

    Agh … Nope didnt work. Dont try this ladies … Its nothing but a sticky mess !! Ive just wasted a cup and a half of expensive coconut oil !! Urrrrr

    • 69



      I’m sorry you were unhappy with your final result. I’d say to maybe try adding more coconut oil. I’ve been using mine for a couple of weeks to shave my legs with great success. I also have a friend who made a batch before I posted the recipe to double check behind me and she has been absolutely thrilled with her results.

      • 70

        Lajarika Adams says

        Amy please tell me if I could use olive oil to dilute the sticky feeling from the honey. Also is there another base I can use other than the honey its honestly so sticky smells soooooo good though. I don’t want too waste it. The ingriedients were not cheap. Please HELP!

        • 71

          darcy says

          It is a bit sticky so i apply it- let it sit for a minute and then wash it lightly. That takes the tacky feel away and the oil will stay on your skin. You can also apply – all over your body – and use it on your legs while you shave. This way it is soaking in while you shower and shave. Then rinse off. Again the oil will stay, your legs will be smooth and it will have a chance to soak in. Another thing you can do is mix it with a 2-3 cups of epsom salts and 1-2 cups baking soda. This will make it into a bath scrub/bath soak. I use these ingredients for that all the time. My parents who are in their 60 love this to soak in. You will need to be careful as it will make the tub slippery but your skin will get nice and soft and glow. Just keep trying until you find what works for you. Going natural is finding your balance and what you will use. I don’t soak that often but when I do this is heavenly. However, I do shave often and so this gets used that way.

  19. 72

    Becky says

    Would be nice to add some essential oil to it as well, such as lavender oil or whatever fragrance you enjoy.

    • 73

      Melissa says

      I just made this! I added the lavender essential oil and it smells amazing :). It is a little sticky but I’m just letting it sit on my hands for a little bit before I rinse the honey off because I want it to really moisturize. My hands get so dry in the winter so I hope this helps! My sister-in-law’s hands are even worse so maybe I’ll make some for her too!

      • 74


        I bet it does smell lovely with the lavender! My hands (and feet) are so dry right now that I need to coat my hands in some and let them sit for hours.

  20. 75


    I love making my own body care products. It’s so nice knowing what’s going on my skin. I bet this smells amazing.

  21. 76

    Jennifer says

    I’m going to try this. I use coconut oil on my dry winter hands. It’s the only thing that really makes a difference. The citrus scent added sounds wonderful. I don’t plan to use it in the shower so I’m going to leave out the honey. That seems like it would be too sticky.
    A great alternative to zest is to dry the citrus peels on your counter (single layer for a few days) and then chop them up in a blender or food processor. This gives you a nice fine powder that works better than zest. This is also way better for flavoring foods. You get all that citrus flavor without any bitterness.

  22. 77

    kayla says

    I just made this using orange zest and I didn’t find it to be even remotely sticky…rubbed right in!

  23. 78

    Emily says

    I tried this, and personally I found it much too oily. I just made it, so it hasn’t set yet, but it is extremely oily and I probably wouldn’t use it for anything other than to shave my legs with. Which, if that is the case, I could find better, much cheaper options to use for shaving my legs.

  24. 79

    jenny says

    Im gonna try the oil honey combo right now :) ive been using just coconut oil for shaving for some time now. And as a head to toe moisturizer, and even put a small amount in my curly hair to define and moisturize. Dont know about putting zest in my body product. But what about steeping a sachet of zest in warm oil to scent it, without having bits of zest to deal with later? Remove sachet, let oil firm back up and whip in the honey. Thanks for the inspiration to take my beloved coconut oil to the next level.

    • 84


      I’m not sure what the added moisture of the juice would do, so I can’t say. If you try it, let me know.

  25. 85

    Dana says

    I saw this was asked already, but how sticky does the honey get in this mixture? I’m assuming if you’re using on small areas, it’s not a big deal. Also, I’m planning to use EOs instead of the orange zest. How many drops do think this would take? 20?

    • 86


      Hey Dana!

      I haven’t noticed it being that sticky except on the palms of my hands, but I have to say, that applies to any lotion or cream I put on my body. I don’t like anything on my palms.

      As far as the essential oil, I’d try a few drops at a time to see what you like best. Some of the oils I’ve used are very strong, so 20 may be overwhelming depending on what it is.

      Hope that helps! :)

  26. 87

    Lajarika Adams says

    Amy please tell me if I could use olive oil to dilute the sticky feeling from the honey. Also is there another base I can use other than the honey its honestly so sticky smells soooooo good though. I don’t want too waste it. The ingriedients were not cheap. Please HELP!

    • 88


      Hello Lajarika,

      I don’t know what would happen if adding olive oil. It would certainly thin it out. Hmmmm … did you use the recommended amount of honey to coconut oil ratio? Also, the coconut oil should be measured as a solid.

  27. 89

    Chellie says

    Try using Agave Nectar instead of the honey if too sticky. Same good properties as honey, less “sugar” so less sticky…. Just a thought. I will be trying this tonight and will update!

  28. 90

    alicia says

    How do you store it after it is made so that it doesnt separate and liquefie

      • 92

        alicia says

        I did as u suggest and it liquefied at room temp. The honey is at the bottom of the container and the coconut oil is on top the only way it will get solidmis if I put it in the fridge.

        • 93



          I’m not sure what may be causing that. Are you heating the coconut oil up? Are you using coconut oil that is a solidified when you begin? It shouldn’t be liquidfied at any point of the process unless it’s hot. Is your room temperature hot? If you could share what ingredients and other details of what you may be doing, I may be able to help. Otherwise, I’m at a loss of why it is liquefied.

          • 94

            alicia says

            I use the coconut oil straight from the jar solidified all measurments are followed to the letter, mixed as instruction says to and when done it looks just like the pic but a few hrs later it started to liquefied , stored it in the bathroom under the sink.

          • 95

            Karena says

            Coconut oil melts at 76*F. If the room you are in is warmer than this, it will definitely melt. I keep mine in the bathroom and in the Summer months, it’s liquified, and in the Winter it stays a solid.

    • 96

      Tamara says

      Hi Alicia, the room temperature may be hot. I have both hard and liquid coconut oils, and the hard coconut oil will liquify if the environment is warm. I think (don’t quote me) the liquifying point is above 76 degrees fahrenheit, or something like that. If you keep it in a room that is relatively cool, then it will solidify; if you keep it in a warm environment, it will liquify. Tamara

  29. 97

    Anne says

    hi Ms. Amy what if i don’t have a coconut oil solid can i use a coconut oil liquid?! it’s still works?

    • 98

      Tamara says

      Hi, are you speaking of fractionated coconut oil? If so, I do not believe it will work because the recipe needs to thicken up. Try adding some beeswax; the beeswax will harden it and will probably suit your needs. I am an organic body care student and I am playing around with many recipes. I have fun playing around and trying things out. Good luck. Tamara :)

  30. 99

    Tamara says

    Hi, I made this today and it came out a little stick; I added a few more teaspoons of coconut oil and it is perfect now! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I am looking forward to having a lot of fun making more. Blessings, Tamara :)

  31. 100

    Tamara says

    Oops, I meant to say a little “sticky”, now a little stick. hahahahahaha :) Tamara

  32. 101

    Tami says

    It seems some people say the honey makes the butter too sticky whereas others say the consistency is just right. It makes me wonder about the quality of honey being used. The big thing lately in health magazines, articles, blogs, etc is how some big company manufacturers are selling honey that is not truly honey, rather it is high crustose corn syrup sold as honey. So my thought is perhaps the recipes turning out too sticky may not be made with a local or natural honey. Raw honey has been used for centuries on the body for various reasons. Maybe it is fraudulent product that is not truly honey that is the cuprit here? Just my thoughts…

    • 102


      Hey Tami,

      That’s a good point. I used honey from our hives, so it’s a bit different from most found in stores, for sure. Thanks for sharing! :)

  33. 103


    Skin problems are major health concerns esp now that our environment is more toxic than ever. I like the butters and the ingredients used here. They help soothe and nourish the skin while protecting it against the effects of a harsh toxic enironment.

    Now the above recipe is great, the question I have is whether the oils are refined or organic unrefined. I’ve heard they produce/output different results and the latter certainly retains many of the healing properties than the former. Any way, I order my organic body plant butters from eBay, http://r.ebay.com/4zTB21 or from SilkOn Skin at silkonskin dot com.

    Good work.

  34. 104

    Stephanie says

    How long does this last for? I’m planning on making some for christmas gifts to my best friends, but i want to try it now and see how it works….. will it go bad?

  35. 106

    Amanda says

    I just use straight coconut oil to shave with and after a shower and on my hands throughout the day. The body butter does sound great though.

  36. 108

    Ash says

    Just came across this on Pinterest. Gonna make this soon.
    I have been using white Sugar mixed with Coconut oil to scrub and it feels wonderful and leaves your skin exfoliated and hydrated.

  37. 109

    Amelia says

    Just made a tiny amount of this to test before making for christmas presents-it is so lovely!! Will definitely be making this as gifts this year!

  38. 110

    leta says

    I tried this with 1/2 cup c.o. and 1 tbsp honey and 5 drops lemon e.o. I did find it a little sticky but <3 this. My face feels awesome! I have a burn on my hand so I will be using this every day to see if it helps. Ty

  39. 112

    iad says

    Hi, this may sounds like a silly question. But I can’t seem to find a solid coconut oil in Thailand where I live I start to wonder if there is a coconut oil in solid form available. I remember putting a bottle of liquid coconut oil in an air-con room and in the morning it turned solid. I am not sure if it’s the same thing, or can I use the liquid-turned-solid-coconut oil in this recipe. If I can use it, is it mean that I have to store it in the fridge? In Thailand the average temperature is above 30c.

    thank you

  40. 113

    MA says

    I have coconut oil at home, but it is solid as a rock. Should I melt it a little and then whip it? Or should I just measure it out and mix it in a mixer until it gets creamy?

  41. 116

    Jennifer says

    Hi Amy! I made this today and I used essential oil instead and it came out sticky. How much essential oil do I need to use in place of the zest?

  42. 118

    Amanda@best antibacterial soap says

    Thanks for sharing.. For me there are many benefits linked with using all natural skincare products, from improving the health of your skin to contributing to a safer environment. :) Keep sharing.

  43. 119

    Natalie says

    Was wondering if anyone had problems with this clogging their pipes? Since it is an oil I was just thinking over time of it going down the drain will it cause it to clog?

  44. 120


    I swear is there anything coconut oil can’t do?!?! I just used it as an eye make up remover and it changed my LIFE!! It worked better than my Neutrogena for getting rid of my makeup! Mind, Blown!

  45. 123


    This stuff is amazing I love it as lip balm even though it seems to take only a few minutes to seep into my lips . Did you know you can use just plain coconut oil to put on after you get out of the shower some people might not like the texture on their skin .Thanks for the great idea I used orange zest can I use lemon juice or lime juice by any chance???

  46. 124

    Holly says

    Hi there,

    I’ve whipped coconut oil before for cradle cap – but like you mentioned in the notes, it solidifies in the next few days. If I were to use this as a shaving cream – and applied it to my legs after it had solidified – will it just kind of melt on my legs? The way it does if you just scoop a hand full out of the jar? Any idea on how to keep it fluffy, or am I destined to fail? :(

    Thanks a bunch!!

  47. 125

    Glamoura says

    Here’s a thought: try making a smaller amount so that you don’t waste your products on your first try should you do something not-quite-right.

    I cut the recipe down to 1/4 of the recommended amount and, since it is so simple and effortless to make, I continue to enjoy using the mixture as needed, wasting nothing.

    I also recommend using raw honey, as cooked honey (e.g., Golden Blossom) does not have the antibacterial properties and benefits of natural honey and can cause all kinds of irritations – inner and outer.

    The same with coconut oil: pure, unrefined, uncooked is what works.

  48. 127

    Vivien says

    Just made a batch of this! I added the oil from four Vitamin E capsules, some lemon zest, and essential oil (lemon). It was a little runny due to the heat, but I put two small jars in the fridge, the rest is in the medicine cabinet. I finally found a use for all of my old Clinique jars, Body Shop containers. It smells amazing.

    This made enough for 1 large body butter container, two large Clinique jars, and two small eye cream jars. It also made the house smell so good the kids came and asked what was baking. :)

  49. 128


    Unless you are planning on using this right away, the honey will separate and seep out. I would make just enough for a one time use.

  50. 130

    Jane says


    today and yesterday you’ve been sent comments from people regarding lack of preservative (due to the honey and fruit peel). I am a cosmetic chemist and formulate cosmetic products for businesses. A lot of us the Making Skincare group (over 3,000 members including cosmetic chemists and microbiologists) were concerned with the safety of your recipe so have made comments and unfortunately you have deleted them. .

    I realise this comment is going to be deleted again and not make it through to your page but I would just urge you for next time you write a recipe, to please at least consider what we are saying so you can make a properly, safe and informed choice.

    • 131


      I have not deleted any comments. Unfortunately, those comments have been detected by my spam filter and held. It does give me reason for concern when all of sudden several comments come flooding through on the same day. It seems a little suspicious so they haven’t been approved yet. I am looking into the concerns you point out. In the future, if you want to be taken seriously and not seem like spam, it would be more helpful, and be taken more like input instead of an attack, if you contact me through my email (sent through the “contact” page). I’m a reasonable person and when I am in the wrong and need to make a correction I do. As I said, I will read more about the points made and revise any information as needed. Thank you for your input and concern.

      • 132


        About my comments – given the fact that the information and suggestions circulated here may pose a potential hazard to people trying it, I feel obligated to reply to those comments . I’ve been on the 100% natural side and hurt my skin badly. Now I know better and I would prefer not to see anyone getting an infection because of a poorly preserved product ;(

        if we bring this only to you, then those who comment on how citric acid is a preservative, vit E and GSE as well, will only continue to spread misinformation.

        I hoe I have not offended you. The avalanche of replies is due to the fact that someone saw your blog entry and posted it into a skin making FB group, where there are many people who have years of practical experience in the cosmetics industry and on safe hand made of their own products. We were not born with the knowledge, we learn trough experience and mistakes. so, when we see some typical mistakes in the home crating world, we feel it is our duty to correct people. No one wants a product gone bad on their skin or on their child’s skin.

        regards – no need to publish my comment, it was FYE only

        • 133


          I’m not sure if I’m talking to Jane, Julie or Sânziene, but thank you for your helpful comments. I have edited the post to note that this homemade body butter should be used in a short time, stored in a cool, dry place, and an oil soluble preservative should be used, as well as deletion of citrus zest in favor of an essential oil, if wanting to keep longer than a week. Thank you again for your input.
          Again, in the future please contact me directly if needed and I will always edit the information I share to be correct if I am at fault. There is no need to bombard my site. You should know that some will see a multitude of comments (some with links to other sites) as spam, or at the very least, suspicious, and question their authenticity. Your group may consider another approach to get your important information out there to the people that need to see it.

          • 134


            Hi Amy – my name is Simona and I run the blog in my signature (RO language). I know Jane, I am based in a different country than she is.

            I really wish that I could mix an oil and honey so easily :)) a few years ago when I started to make my own cosmetics, I have tried to make a honey lip balm. It separated and smelled awful.

  51. 135

    Leman says

    Amy, I teach how to make lotion, cream, moisturiser . It is a common misconception that vitamin E, grapeseed extract are preservatives – they are in fact antioxidants (extend life of oils slightly) but do nothing to stop mould and bacteria growing.

    Honey used on it’s own is self-preserving but if you include honey (as you have done here) in with a mix of ingredients (so it is diluted) then it will attract microbes – they will feed off it. Fruit peel is also bug food.

    You need to use an oil soluble preservative (most preservatives are NOT oil soluble) – phenonip and optiphen are good choices. More info http://makingskincare.com/preservatives/

    In any event, the honey being water soluble, does not mix with oils so will eventually separate and you will find it at the bottom of the container.

    For the sake of your readers, I really would encourage you to list to the cosmetic chemists and adopt safe practices. Do take a look at the link above so you can inform your readers.

  52. 137

    Karen M says

    I love making my own natural soaps and scrubs so of course I had to try this delightful and easy looking recipe. At first the body butter came out with a great consistency although slightly greasy, which I didn’t mind. I stored the body butter in a jar in my bathroom and the next day when I went to use it, it was completely liquified and frothy. I moved the jar to the fridge and have to store it in there to maintain the solid state, which makes it difficult to use, like real butter. We live in Southern California where it’s always warm so I don’t know a good solution to keeping it at a “fluffy” spreadable form because I do love the mixture when it’s originally whipped.

  53. 138

    Daphne says


    I’ve been looking for an home made body butter for quite some time now. This seems very nice and i can get all the ingredients here. I want to use it for myself and my little girl (she’s just 1 year old). The thing is coconut does not work for us, can i use something else instead?

    Hope to hear from u soon.



  54. 139

    Kristy B says

    According to the recipe, I have to use coconut oil. I clicked on the link, that thingy looks like coconut fat . So I went to shopping and I ask the lady in the shop if she has any coconut oil. She gave me a package which contains a sunflower oil-like something (but of course it’s made of coconut) . I bought it anyway cause I thought she knows what she’s selling. But as it turned out, the oil and the honey don’t work together. I mean they can’t be mixed. So I had to throw the hole oily honey out. Kinda mad now.

  55. 140

    jpsather says

    I’m thinking of trying this, but with matcha green tea powder instead of the citrus zest. I’ve read about the benefits of caffeine, and thought that might make a nice stretch mark cream for my pregnancy!

  56. 141

    Pocahontas says

    Hi Amy –

    I really want to try this but I have small concern. Coconut oil sold in my country is really oil, meaning liquid. Yours in the photo looks like it has the texture of a cupcake frosting, which helped solidifying the body butter. Will mine gradually turn creamy as I mix if I use the oil that I mentioned first or no? Please help.

    • 142


      The coconut oil I used comes in a jar. It’s white and in solid form to begin with. You will need to use that kind of coconut oil for this to be a thicker consistency.

  57. 143

    CC says

    For a thicker consistency just add some shea butter to the recipe. As coconut oil has a very low melting point. Instead of the orange zest use an essential oil. No refrigeration needed except to stop the coconut oil from liquefying if you live some where hot.

  58. 144

    Kita says

    Worth noting: Only raw honey offers the benefits you want on your skin. The honey you find at most grocers and supermarkets is not what you’re looking for, even if it says “Pure” or “Natural” on the container. You want raw, unprocessed, organic. Your best bet, if this is an accessible resource in your area, is probably a whole foods or a co-op supplied locally – or if you live in a farming community, you may be able to buy it directly from the source. The kind I’ve gotten doesn’t crystallize but does solidify and become cloudy and gritty after a while.

    For BOTH honey and coconut oil, it’s best to return them to their liquid state by placing the jar in hot water rather than by microwaving them. This way, you melt them without possibly cooking them, which changes the properties of the honey or oil.

    It’s also worth noting that the coconut oil pictured here is not ideal for use on skin. The best kind that retains all of the benefits you want from the coconut will be cold-pressed, unrefined and unbleached, and extra-virgin.. and if it’s already all those things, it’ll likely be organic/non-GMO too. It should taste and smell distinctly like creamy coconuts rather than just oil.

    Nature’s Way has been the easiest to find in supermarkets, in my experience. Check the vitamin section if you can’t find it in the cooking oil section. Nutiva is another popular brand, though it seems a little more specific to whole foods co-ops.

    Avoid LouAna and Spectrum. I’ve bought both and they’re a waste of money – it’s essentially the same as getting those clover honey bears from the grocery store instead of buying raw honey: You wind up with a product so over-processed that its original natural properties are rendered moot because it’s little more than the leftover byproduct of the refining process. Plain oil, sticky sugar. Not stuff you want on your skin.

  59. 145

    jamison says

    Can anyone suggest any alternatives to honey for this? Or could I just leave the honey out? This sounds amazing all the same!

  60. 147

    Arlene says

    Thanks for the easy recipe! I just whipped up a small batch this evening. It turned out nice. I did opt for grapefruit essential oil rather than the zest. I also added some sweet almond oil to the mixture in hopes that the final product would be a bit thinner than coconut oil alone usually is. Even with the sweet almond oil, it is still rather thick (consistency of thick body butter) but I really like it anyway. I melted the oils and honey together in a double boiler and then added the EO. After everything was melted and mixed, I put the bowl in the freezer for 15 mins approx., took it out and whipped it. I noticed that mine does leave a slight sticky, honey residue if not rinsed off. I’ve only used this once but after I rinsed off, my skin was wonderfully moisturized and smooth. I will continue to use it as an in-shower body butter – which for me is easier than regular lotion anyway. I’m hoping to give some of these as mothers day gifts! Thanks again!!

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